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Drain Repair Ventura

If you’ve ever had problems with your drains, you know how stressful it can be. Generally, these problems will build up gradually aggravating when you least expect it. So, you’ll be best prepared by knowing the signs of a damaged drain and knowing who to call. If you're looking for drain repair in Ventura? Kenz Plumbing has you covered.

When would I need to repair my drains?

Drains become damage over years of continuous use; it is entirely normal. But of course, drains don’t just become damaged overnight. There are usually signs that they’re damaged.

For example, you will notice water leaking or collecting in or around the pipes. Like blocked drains, you can identify damaged drains by bad smells, and through signs of clogging. So, if you see water levels rising, it could either be a blocked drain or damaged one.

What causes damage to drains?

Numerous issues can cause damaged drains, with the most common ones including:

  • Cracks or damaged pipes due to mechanical structural damage. These are very likely to happen in and around joints, which often have the most structural weakness.
  • Rust, corrosion and associated damage can cause cracks in the pipes, particularly in older metal ones.
  • Root Ingress- If there are small cracks in the pipe and water starts leaking out, the roots of plants and trees will be attracted to this. The roots will grow towards the source of leaking, and if the crack is big enough, the roots can get inside the pipes and start causing blockages. You will see the usual signs as you did with blocked drains, where water is very slow to drain

Other causes can also be responsible for drain damage, but, you will need to contact a plumber who will carry out a detailed evaluation to see what the problem is. If you notice any signs and suspect your drain may be damaged, our plumbing services include drain repair in Ventura.

Ways to Repair a Damaged Drain

A damaged drain is also is referred to as a collapsed drain by some plumbers. How your plumber will repair the pipes will depend on the extent of damage in your drainage system.

Some issues with your drain such as weak joints, small cracks, and small amounts of root ingresses are quite easy and quick to fix, with no need for digging. Sometimes called Cured-In-Place or ‘No-Dig’ drain repair, this type of drain repair pushes a specialized resin pipe liner towards the area of damage. The pipe liner Is pushed against the pipe walls causing it bond and covering any damage or cracks in the pipework.

However, major root ingress or extensive damage to the pipes would require large-scale drain repair where you will need to replace entire pipe segments. Your plumber will inspect and determine if the problem can be fixed easily or not.

If you suspect that your drains are damaged, and the waters are pooling up, don’t panic! If you’re looking for plumbers that do drain repair in Ventura, give Kenz Plumbing a call and we will be happy to assist.

Drain Repair Ventura

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