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How old is an old plumbing system? Plumbing tools do not need to get replacement simply because they are old. Can you tell when your plumbing system needs a replacement? The following signs simplify telltale times.

Signs you should replace the plumbing system

Discolored water

Brown and dark-colored water signals rusted pipes in the house system. Ignoring this sign may burst the pipe. The rust will build up inside the tube and cause undue pressure as water flows. A Draper plumbing session by Beehive Plumbing will save from an impending catastrophe if you do the call in due time.


The material used in plumbing has a lifespan of anything from twenty years to a century. PVC pipes last up to fifty years while galvanized steel will serve for a hundred years. This reason is not a common one in new constructions, unlike in old homes.

You may, however, want to check if the plumbing system has lead material. The material is toxic and could eventually cause chronic illness such as cancer.

Low pressured water

Reduced pressure in the water could be a sign of leaks or pinholes. Clogs will also cause low liquid pressure when they obstruct entry points. The Beehive Plumbing professional will attempt to relieve the problem by applying any of the following remedies:

  • Faucet repair
  • Burst pipe repair
  • Drain cleaning

Exposed pipes

There is a good chance that pipes will surface when they have at least sixty years of service. Check the visible areas such as the basement floor and walls, for tubes that seem to be bulging out the surface. The areas surrounding the exposed pipe will have pools of water due to corrosion. Significant leakage could need Draper plumbing services.

Smelly water

One of the most disturbing signs of a stretched plumbing system is smelly water. Bacteria and mold overgrowth will transfer to the passing water. The growths tend to occur in old systems with worn-out inner linings and possible rust.

Fluctuating temperature

A poorly planned system will lead to different water temperatures for the bathroom and kitchen. Clogs will result in the same condition.

Possible solutions for worn-out plumbing systems

Upgrade the pipe with better material

The plumber will most likely follow the old plan and replace the old pipes with newer configurations. We will track the stipulated plumbing regulations in Depar. This case means that we will not let sturdy lead pipes to continue servicing the house. Copper is a long-lasting material that will not harm the body to require replacement in a short period.

Install vents around the drains

Vents compliment drainage of dirty water and constrict the flow of harmful gases back into the house. The plumber will adhere to the local building code to install vents to the closest possible location along the pipe.

Better fixtures and toilets

Old homes do not features that reduce water flow in bathrooms and the kitchen. Replace these parts with long-lasting ones that will save time and money in the end.



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