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A few people will know what to do when they experience an emergency plumbing problem for the first time in the home or office. It is easy to panic when you see the mass of water and possible gushing or continuous flow. Beehive Plumbing will provide you with the right solutions in a short period. Do you know when to call the emergency plumber in Salt Lake City shows up?

Reasons to call an emergency plumber

Clogs in the kitchen

Most people put big sized waste through the kitchen sink while they clean dishes. Failing to clean the cutlery of excessive oils and food scraps will clog the inner lining. Call the plumber if you see early signs of clogging before the problem escalates to complete failure of drainage.

Frozen pipes

Winter seasons will often have increased cases of busted pipes. Pipe sections that are close to the surface or have exposed entry points will contract and cause excessive pressure within the tube. It is an emergency case if you need to call the plumber before the peak of winter.


Flooding could happen in a short period after excessive usage of water in the house. A full house could result in flooding due to the increased amount of water flowing through the pipes. Plumbing problems with flooded water will continue to recur until you apply the necessary repair strategies.

Water heating problems

Coldwater from the bathroom or kitchen sink is an emergency for most people. The alarm increases when its winter and you have to run the day’s errands. Beehive Plumbing will respond to these temperature issues immediately you call our fully available customer representatives.

How to prepare for emergency plumbing

  • Turn off the water supply. It is advisable to cut off the primary water source if you cannot locate the precise problem.
  • Power off the water heater immediately after turning the water off. Any delay could allow increased pressure from the main water supply to burst the pipes.
  • Open the spigots to free up water and direct it away from the house.
  • You can temporarily stop water leakage by taping around small pinholes. Collect the draining water with buckets until the emergency plumber in Salt Lake City arrives.
  • A busted pipe can leak enormous amounts of water. Use a mop to soak up the excessive drain to facilitate a smoother and faster repair procedure.

Do not attempt to soak up water without protecting yourself from possible electrical execution. Turn off the main electrical power before removing big masses of water.

Calling the plumber

Plumbers have different work descriptions. Some work the day shift while others respond to emergency plumbing cases. Beehive plumbing handles all sorts of immediate plumbing, such as leaks, bursts, floods, and clogging.

We have a highly responsive customer care staff that handles emergency issues all around the clock. We have honorable mentions from Home Guide, Thumbtack, Salt Lake Chamber, among others. Our services are top-notch and will sustain your building and system for a long time.

Emergency Plumber Salt Lake City

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