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Houses cannot function without a plumbing system. They are an integral part of our homes, but sometimes things go wrong. Leaks and other issues happen, and sometimes they are quick fixes, but other times a plumbing service will be required to right the wrong. If looking for a plumber in south Jordan, Beehive Plumbing is available with several services sure to fix any home owner’s needs.

How Can I Avoid Plumbing Problems?

While there are times that plumbing issues are unavoidable, there are steps that can be taken to hopefully make sure problems are few and far between. Some of them have to do with the products we use while others touch on water pressure.

Don’t Use Chemical Clearing Products

Clogged drains are a pretty common issue, and most home owner’s turn to chemical-filled draining products to rectify the problem. While they will clear up the clog, they can also lead to problems of their own. For one, they will erode pipes if they are cast iron. Another thing to keep in mind is that draining problems don’t usually get rid of the entire clog, so it is almost guaranteed the clog will come back at some point. Snaking a drain is the best solution, and this can be done on your own or will the help of a plumber, such as Beehive.

Try and Prevent Clogging

Clogs are inconvenient to have to deal with, but they also damage the pipes by putting pressure on them, so it is best to try and avoid clogging at all costs. This can be done by putting screens over all the drains in your house, that way only water is getting washed down them. You should also scrape food into the trash, even if you have a garbage disposal, and never pour hot grease down the drain. This is because grease will cool in the drain, then turn into a solid.

Reduce The Water Pressure

Having high water pressure can be pretty nice, especially when it comes to showering, but it can also lead to leaks. High water pressure will take years off the life of your pipers, and puts stress on faucets, joints, and more. Gauges to measure water can be found at any hardware store, and a plumber can be brought out if your water pressure needs to be reduced. The cost of this service will save money in the long run.

Keep Your Sewer Lines Clear

Many people may not think about having their sewer line snaked, but it can actually reduce the chance of any major sewer issues developing. It is a good idea to have this service done every few years because tree roots can, and likely will, get into the pipes. It is also recommended to have your septic tank pumped every three or so years as well.

Even if you do follow the above steps and care for your plumbing system as best as possible, it is likely you will run into an issue at some point. If that happens, you can reach out to a company such as Beehive Plumbing.

Plumber South Jordan

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