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Homeowners often ask what is the best pipe for plumbing when repairing or modernizing their pipework? The answer to this question usually varies according to the Plumbers in Bountiful at Beehive Plumbing. Some pipes are considered more effective for residential applications, while others are more suitable for industrial applications.

What Pipe Should I Use To Upgrade My Pipe Work?

Some property owners do not give much thought to upgrading their plumbing, especially if the current system seems to be working effectively. Provided the existing plumbing system is functional, any plans to replace it are often put on hold because of the perceived disruption that plumbing replacement causes.

At beehive plumbing, we usually advise our clients not to gamble with the health and comfort of their families by not replacing defunct plumbing systems. Our plumbers in Bountiful do all types of plumbing works, including lead pipe replacement. We often tell our clients to consider their plumbing replacement a long-term investment because it ensures the safety of their water supplies and the integrity of their properties' infrastructure.

Plumbing Inspection

Book us in to check the quality of the plumbing system in your property. This is a simple process that will not take much of your time. Once you call us for an inspection, our plumbers in Bountiful will come to your place and conduct a thorough inspection of your plumbing system. Once they finish the inspection, they will provide recommendations based on their findings.

It is essential to have a licensed professional conduct regular inspections of your plumbing system. Replacing old and defunct plumbing systems is quick and cost-effective. The experts at beehive plumbing know how to use modern plumbing replacement methods that will cause minimal disruption to your property while completing their work within a short period.

Which pipe should I use, Copper or PVC?

Plumbers and home improvement experts have argued for years about the better piping option for residential plumbing: PVC or copper pipes. Like other options, PVC and copper pipes have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Fortunately, Beehive Plumbing is here to help you make the best choice for your home.

PVC vs. Copper

As a plumbing material, PVC has many beneficial properties. It is lightweight, strong, and durable. Many new homes have PVC pipes in their plumbing systems. This type of pipe is extremely quiet even at high pressures and water speeds. In addition, it is corrosion-resistant and less susceptible to damage due to its thickness. Therefore, PVC is suitable for high traffic areas.

PVC is also easier to install and much cheaper than copper pipes. In addition, it does not freeze quickly. On the downside, PVC does not last as long as copper does. In addition, it is not as flexible as copper.

On the other hand, copper is a common feature in the plumbing systems of older homes. It is durable and flexible. However, it may add a metallic taste to your water. Some homeowners do not mind the taste, while others are not fans.

Whether you need plumbing repair or replacement, our experienced technicians are always a call away. Contact us today if you have any issues or questions about your plumbing system.


Plumbers Bountiful

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