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A toilet that won’t flush is a big problem, especially if you only have one toilet in your house. If you’re experiencing a toilet that won’t flush problem, the team at Beehive Plumbing can help with plumbing services and repair. In this post, we’ve decided to share some common reasons why your toilet won’t flush, and how to fix them yourself temporarily.

  1. The Toilet Is Clogged

A clogged toilet is one common reason that the toilet won’t flush. Sometimes, paper waste and other trash can form clogs in toilet pipes over time. These clogs can slow down water flow and ultimately causing the toilet won’t flush problem. 

A toilet auger or toilet plunger is your best friend for fixing this particular problem. Use the plunger or auger to create suction that will remove paper waste blocking the flushing action. But, if you have frequent clogs, you do need a professional plumber to look at the toilet and determine what the problem is. 

  1. The Lift Chain Is Disconnected

The toilet chain joins the flapper to the flushing handle on the outside of the toilet. This chain yanks up the flapper and initiates the toilet’s flush when you depress the handle. If the toilet chain is disconnected or has too much slack, it won’t flush because the handle is unable to raise the flapper.

You need to adjust the length of the chain or reattach so that the chain can pull enough to raise the flapper off of the flush tube. The lift chain must not be too loose or too tight. Pull the handle several times to test the flapper. 

  1. The Flapper Is Damaged

The toilet’s flapper opens to that water in the tank can flow into the bowl when you flush the toilet. The toilet won’t flush if the flapper’s bent or warped because the flapper can’t close the water intake hole to let the tank to refill.

Open your toilet tank and check the flapper to know if the flapper is bent or warped to cover the flush tube hole properly. You should replace the flapper if it looks damaged. Give Beehive Plumbing a call if you need some help finding the right flapper or completing the installation.

  1. The Tank Water Level Is Low

The tank doesn’t release as much water as it should when it doesn’t contain enough water. The toilet tank water level should be approximately one inch below the top of the tank’s overflow tube.

The valve may have been turned off if the water gets too low. Turn on the valve and watch to ensure that the toilet tank refills and flush the toilet to make sure it’s flushing again. 

Need Help From A Professional?

Beehive Plumbing is here to help if you’ve tried everything, but your toilet is still giving you problem. Schedule your appointment with us today if you are looking for a professional plumber in Sandy Utah area. We’ll get your toilet flushing again as fast as possible.

Plumbers In Sandy Utah

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