Master Plumbers

At Beehive Plumbing, we are a locally owned and operated plumbing company with a team of licensed, insured and bonded Master Plumbers that deliver fast, dependable plumbing and drain services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to Utah residents and businesses along the Wasatch Front. We believe in providing the best possible care to our customers and promise to do so with our friendly customer service, as well as our knowledge and experience in the plumbing business by using expert master plumbers. No matter what you need help with, Beehive Plumbing can handle it! Below, we’ve explained what it takes to be a master plumber.

Becoming a Master Plumber

Everyone starts somewhere. A Master Plumber was once a Journeyman who was once an apprentice. In Utah, a state-approved apprenticeship program includes 8,000 hours of supervised work. As long as they complete the work in four years, the person may then test and apply for their Journeyman license. Residential Journeyman Plumber requires 6,000 hours in three years as part of an apprenticeship program. If the apprentice experience is achieved outside of a certified program, the hours and years of experience required double before you can test to become licensed. A Journeyman is technically able to work without supervision.

Licensing, Education, and Experience Requirements

A Master Plumber was a Journeyman who completed at least two years of supervised, licensed work. To achieve Master Plumber status, a person must have a degree in applied science or appropriate higher education degree. Once the educational and experience requirements are met, a Journeyman may take the state-certified plumbing exam and complete the application to become a Master Plumber. The title of Master Plumber comes only after many years of experience and often includes a variety of certifications along with the ability to train new plumbers and oversee large projects.

Why is being Licensed and Bonded so Important?

Choosing a state-licensed plumber is the only way you can be certain of the quality of work you will receive. Beehive Plumbing is proud of the accomplishments of our Master Plumbers. We are fully insured or bonded, so you are covered if something goes wrong with our plumbing work.
Let’s say you end up with a water main break. Your Master Plumber quotes you $1,900 for the job. You don’t want to spend that much, so you hire your friendly, neighborhood handyman to complete the job for half that price. All is well until a few months later when the repair fails. You are stuck with thousands in water damage that the handyman cannot cover because they are not bonded. Now, you need the main plumbing issue repaired again, along with additional home repairs. If you begin the job with a Master Plumber from Beehive, you can feel secure in the quality of work and added protection you receive considering we are insured up to 3 million dollars.
Beehive Plumbers are Master Plumbers, so you know you are getting the best of the best. Many customers choose us because we are fully licensed and insured, but once they have experienced our services, they know who to turn to when troubles pop-up.

Choose Master Plumbers in Utah at Beehive Plumbing

Beehive Plumbing has Master Plumbers that provide unrivaled products and services in Utah all along the Wasatch Front, backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. No job is too big or small! Beehive Plumbing is committed to providing services 24-7 to our valued commercial and residential customers. We are a team of Master Plumbers who offer exceptional quality plumbing services at reasonable rates as well as being committed to doing your plumbing right the first time. If your home or business is located along the Wasatch From, from Salt Lake City to Draper and on to Centerville, we are here for you. Contact our Master Plumbers at Beehive Plumbing today by either fillingBadge – Certified, Licensed and Bonded Plumbers in Utah – Beehive Plumbing out our online form or calling us at 801-661-8155!

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