Water Heater Installation in Utah

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According to the American Water Works Association, the average American household uses over 45-65 gallons of hot water per day. With such high usage, a reliable hot water heater is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your home.

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Water Heaters from Beehive Plumbing

We offer water heater replacement and installation, as well as water heater repair for various types of units. Each has their own advantages:

Gas Water Heaters

Gas heaters typically cost less than electric heaters and have a faster recovery rate (measuring the time to refill the tank), which makes them ideal for larger families. They also can provide hot water during power outages.

Electric Water Heaters

Electric heaters typically cost more than gas heaters and have a slower recovery rate, but they boast better efficiency. Whether that decreases their operating cost in relation to gas heaters depends on the cost of gas versus electricity.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are the newest and most important innovation in water heater technology. Compared to traditional water heaters, tankless water heaters are smaller and can help you make the most out of your property’s utility room space. They eliminate the risk of burst tanks, and their improved efficiency leads to lower power bills. It only supplies hot water when you need it, eliminating standby energy loss that’s associated with conventional water heaters. Its superior design also means that you no longer need to wait for your storage tank to fill up with hot water; it provides constant supply every time, so you can take a warm bath anytime you want.

Choose the Best Water Heater System

Water heater tanks vary in size and energy efficiency, and Beehive Plumbing’s experts will help you choose the water heater that’s perfect for you. They’ll come to your home or work to test your current system, determine your needs, and fit you with a water heater that delivers the right performance for the right cost.

When selecting a water heater tank, you’ll want to consider capacity, efficiency, and cost:


An oversized hot water tank is a waste of money. Our Superior technicians will perform a “capacity test” to identify the ideal tank size for your needs, giving you the best First Hour Rating (FHR) to meet your peak hot water needs without excess cost.


Hot water tanks are rated for their “Energy Factor” (EF) which measures how much hot water is produced per unit of fuel. A gas water heater typically will have an EF between 0.50 and 0.80, with electric heaters around 0.90. A higher EF means more energy-efficiency and likely lower operating costs.


It can be difficult determining the most cost-effective solution, and our Superior technicians are here to help. You will want to consider both the initial purchase and installation cost as well as the cost to operate, and all water heaters come with Energy Guide labels that explain the operating costs and efficiency of the respective model.beehive-plumbing-badge

Beehive Plumbing: the Best Water Heater Installation in Utah

Beehive Plumbing is your number one water heater installation resource, providing honest, friendly, and expert-level service. Our goal is to help you find the water heater that meets your needs for a price that fits your budget. We offer both residential and commercial water heater installation and are available 24/7.
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