Electric Water Heaters

In an electric water heater, water is heated and stored inside an insulated water holding tank. Water temperature is maintained by thermostat control. As hot water is used, cold water flows into the bottom of the tank to replace it. The cold water triggers the thermostat to activate heating, ensuring that the holding tank stays full of hot water ready for use.
Hot water is dispensed at the water pressure level of the building’s water main. So, the whole quantity of stored hot water can be dispensed immediately, which allows the holding tank to dispense to multiple water outlets at the same time with consistent water pressure to all valves.
When the hot water supply is entirely depleted all at once, the unit’s heating component heats the replacement water to quickly return the full volume of water to the selected temperature. Modern twin-element water heaters heat even faster. So, models with programmable timers can be set to run during electric company off-peak hours for impressively low-cost water heating.
Units can be installed either indoors or outdoors. And, sizes vary widely to accommodate all needs—from fitting units into tiny apartments spaces, to requirements for very large capacity water heaters.

Benefits of Electric Water Heaters


Electric water heating is the most reliable method for the fastest water heating, reducing heat loss in water heaters.


Consumers have a wide variety of choices for electric water heater replacement. Traditional home water heaters hold from 30 to 80 gallons


Today’s conventional high-efficiency water heater models can greatly reduce water heating costs. And, new state-of-the-art tankless water heating units fully minimize hot water bills.

Environmentally safety

Tanks for electric models contain environmentally safer insulation.


There are many choices of affordable electric water heaters for home use. And, the increasing efficiency of modern commercial hot water heaters makes them more affordable. Additionally, electric water heater installation costs are very affordable, making owning electric water heaters for home or business use the best water heating option.


The expected life of electric models is around 11 years. In many circumstances, installing a water-softening system can make water heaters last significantly longer.


Tank capacity ranges from zero storage in tankless water heaters (also called utility water heaters, or point-of-use water heaters).

Problems of Electric Water Heater

When a comparatively new electric hot water heater doesn’t heat water, heats the water too slowly, or just runs out of hot water too fast, the problem can usually be solved by simply replacing the heating element(s). Typically, units last for 10-15 years. It is sometimes more cost-effective to replace old water heaters.

Electric Water Heater Services in Utah

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Electric Water Heater Services in Utah

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