Water Main Replacement in Salt Lake City

Professional Water Main Replacement & Services

Beehive Plumbing provides fast and professional water main replacement in Salt Lake City. When your property is experiencing low flow, our team of professional plumbers will get right on the job and replace your existing water main without minimal interruptions to your daily routines and schedules.

Do You Have Water Main Problems?

When water mains break or decay, there are a few tell-tale indicators. You may find puddles collecting on the surface outside your home, even in dry weather, or see a spike in your water bill.

Cracks and deterioration can be the result of various environmental causes, such as freezing, earthquakes or even just the earth settling. Old age also is a predominant culprit, especially as some homeowners don’t realize they’re responsible for maintaining the water line running between their house and the street.

What To Do If You Have Water Main Problems

If you discover what could be an indicator of a water main break, you should take immediate action to investigate and fix the problem before it results in hazardous backflow, expensive property damage, and other complications.

At Beehive Plumbing, we specialize in water main replacement and repairs, with regular service to homes and businesses throughout Salt Lake City and the surrounding area. With our team of experienced professionals on the job, you can rest assured.

Whether you suspect you have a problem or want to run a routine inspection of your waterline, Beehive Plumbing provides the knowledge and expertise to accomplish any water main replacement job in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Signs You May Need to Replace or Repair Your Water Line

At the least, a water main break can cause problems like noisy pipes, decreased water pressure, and contaminated or dirty water. At the most, the leak can cause flooding in your basement if the break is in close proximity to your home.

Serious or prolonged flooding can threaten your personal property or compromise the structural integrity of your building. Responding quickly can help prevent or mitigate those consequences.

The following issues may indicate a problem with your water main:

Signs You May Need to Replace or Repair Your Water Line

Once you know there’s an issue with your water line, another question arises: will a repair suffice or do I need an entire replacement? The best way to determine this is to seek the advice of expert plumbing professionals like the team at Beehive Plumbing. Here are some of the factors that they will take into consideration.

Is your existing water line made of out-of-date materials?

If so, they’re more difficult to repair, and they’re likely to continue causing you issues in the future. There may be health reasons to replace them with newer, safer materials.

How old is your water line?

If it’s 50 years old or more, then it’s likely that your line should be replaced rather than simply repaired. An investment at this stage could end up saving you money on costly repairs as it reaches the end of its lifespan.

Are you repairing your water line frequently?

Rather than continuously call out plumbers to fix your water line, it may be more cost-effective (and less stressful) to simply replace it. You don’t want to be stuck in a cycle of patching up problems that are destined to reoccur.

Repairing a water line is usually much cheaper than replacing one; however, as a homeowner, you may feel that it makes more sense to replace an older water line with new and improved infrastructure. This one-off job will save you the stress of organizing and financing endless repairs.

What Is The Process of Water Line Repair or Replacement?

When Beehive Plumbing attends your home to fix your water line or install a new one, then the first step is an inspection. The method of inspection depends on how easily your water line can be accessed, but we usually use a camera to determine the point of damage.

At this stage, we can carry out an assessment of your pipe’s interior condition. This will confirm your repair needs and whether a replacement would be more appropriate. Then, your Beehive plumber will explain the different options available to you. They’ll provide their expert guidance, of course, but ultimately, the course of action is your decision.

One method might be to patch the damaged piece of pipe. You might also choose to apply a pipe lining to reinforce a pipe that’s cracked or deteriorated. The pipe lining process involves sealing up a pipe through the use of a flexible lining that’s hardened after it’s inserted.

Pipe bursting is another potential method of water line pipe repair. This involves simultaneously bursting the old pipe, pushing its pieces into the ground, and installing a new one. Pipe lining, patching, and bursting can generally be done without digging a trench or disturbing the surrounding landscape. Your plumber will advise you which of these options are suitable in your case.

Trenchless repair services are often preferred over traditional excavation methods when it comes to water main replacement. This is because it’s more convenient: quicker, easier, and less expensive. It isn’t an invasive process, so your yard won’t need to be dug up to the level that it would with a traditional water line repair.

You might think that trenchless repairs are simply short-term solutions or “quick fixes.” In reality, they can be highly durable! Pipe lining, for example, can last up to 50 years.

Once we’ve decided the best method for your situation, we will provide you with a quote. You’re bound to be pleasantly surprised by our excellent rates! We will then carry out the work to the highest standards of professionalism. All of our work is guaranteed, so you can feel confident in Beehive Plumbing’s water main repair or replacement services.

Checklist: Do You Need Water Main Repair or Replacement?

One of the trickiest parts about water main lines is the fact that underground plumbing problems can go undetected for a while. You might not have realized that this pipe is in fact your responsibility since it connects to the community’s water supply. However, it is, and so it’s your job to regularly check that it’s functioning correctly.

Here is a handy checklist that you can use to assess whether you need professional plumbing support for your water main pipe. It’s an incredibly important pipe, bringing all of your property’s water supply to your home, so it’s not something that you can afford to ignore!

Are you currently experiencing:

  • Low water pressure in all areas of your home?
  • A vibrating noise from your water pipes, even when no water is running?
  • Discoloration of your water? This could be caused by infiltration.
  • Cracks in the foundation of your home?
  • Water accumulating on your lawn or on indoor carpets?
  • A water leak on your street?
  • Mold and mildew on the bottom levels of your property?

If you answered yes to any of the above, it’s time to call a professional plumber. In Utah, the most dependable, value-for-money plumbing solution is Beehive Plumbing.

When Should You Choose a Water Main Replacement?

Most people would prefer to simply repair their water main rather than go through a full replacement. However, there are some situations in which that isn’t possible or desirable. Your Beehive plumber will be able to advise you with regards to your specific situation; however, here are signs you should look out for that a replacement may be required.

Your home is over 50 years old.

Like all fixtures and fittings, water main pipes have a lifespan. If your home and your pipe is over 50 years old, then it makes more sense to opt for a new one than to attempt to patch up something that’s past its best.

Plumbing problems persist, despite multiple repairs.

Beehive Plumbing is known for getting the job done right, the first time. We’ll do everything in our power to fully repair your pipe. However, if problems recur even after repairs, it may be that your water main needs to be replaced.

Your water line is made from an out-of-date material.

Some materials aren’t used to manufacture modern water lines, and there are good reasons for this! If we attend your property and realize that your water line poses a threat to you or defies code, we will recommend that you replace it.

Why Choose Beehive Plumbing for Water Main Repair or Replacement?

Beehive Plumbing is an established and reputable plumbing service provider in the the Salt Lake City area. Our extensive experience equips us to address every plumbing problem you can imagine, including issues with water mains.

Your water main is an important asset, and if it suffers from a sudden leak, you’ll need emergency support. Thankfully, Beehive Plumbing operates a 24/7 service, so you can always count on us.

We also offer flexible financing options if you’re struggling to pay for your water main repair or replacement upfront. This allows you to spread the cost, making each payment more manageable regardless of your financial situation.