3 Easy Tricks To Help You Lower Your Water Bills Throughout 2021!

Managing water bills is a common struggle amongst Northern Utah homeowners, and the Beehive Plumbing team can help!

plumbing service that can help you save on your monthly water bills!

Countless home and business owners throughout the Salt Lake Valley are trying to cut down on costs this year, and this makes sense considering how much of our income we end up spending on things like rent, bills and other cost of living necessities.

Cost of living expenses can undoubtedly creep up on you if you’re not too careful, and your monthly water bill just so happens to be a really easy area to start decreasing your monthly expenses. The Beehive Plumbing team has supported many people when it comes to increasing overall household efficiency, and we’ll be more than happy to support you and your efforts towards spending less on your monthly utility costs.

So here are 3 easy tricks to keep in mind when it comes to helping you lower your water bills in 2021!

1. Inspecting Your Appliances On A Regular Basis

Malfunctioning and leaking appliances just so happen to be one of the less noticeable ways in which a home’s water bills can suddenly increase. There are many types of leaks that are difficult to recognize, and many times unexpected water bill increases are the first sign that plumbing repairs are needed.

This means that every homeowner should be regularly taking a close look at their valuable appliances like their dishwasher, toilets, sinks, showers, fridge, washer and water heater. Water heater repairs are actually a lot more common than most people would probably assume, and this is especially the case if your water heater is over 20 years old.

There are of course many other reasons besides your water bill to closely inspect your appliances, but this is always a good place to start when you’re attempting to lower your monthly utility costs!

2. Make A Habit Out Of Taking Shorter Showers

It can always go a very long way when a family takes a legitimate effort towards limiting shower time and other bathing routine minutes. Shorter showers are much better for the environment as a whole, and they’ll also protect your skin and help you save money.

Northern Utah is regularly undergoing water shortages, which makes it even more important from a financial standpoint to limit the amount of time you spend in the shower. Water also has a counterintuitive effect on our skin and makes it dryer when it’s been exposed too long in the shower.

But this trick applies to so much more than just showers, because you really should be cutting back as much as you can in terms of your household’s entire water usage. This means being cognizant about how much water you’re using when doing laundry, dishes and lawn care as well!

3. Converting To Low-Flow Toilets

Most toilets throughout Northern Utah homes and businesses are more powerful than they need to be, and a lot of people are actually wasting a ton of water with every flush.

This is why the Master Plumbers at Beehive Plumbing are strongly in favor of low-flow toilets, because these toilets will help reduce your amount of water usage on a daily basis.

You may read about DIY projects when it comes to converting your toilets, but this is actually something that you should leave in the hands of seasoned plumbing specialists like us!

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