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4 Problems That Require An Emergency Plumbing Repair

Some people like to perform a little do-it-yourself (DIY) household work now and then, and finishing a project can give you a lot of pride. There are also some things that you should really never try to fix on your own, and should always call a professional to handle. In the case of a plumbing emergency, these things generally fall into the latter category. Here are four problems you might notice around your house that should immediately warrant a phone call to local plumbing contractors in Utah.

Clogged Toilet

Sometimes unclogging a toilet is as simple as getting out the plunger, but in other cases—like that time your two-year-old decided to dump his entire LEGO set down the toilet and flushed it—will require the immediate attention of a professional plumber. Since the toilet is likely one of the most frequently used plumbing appliances in your home, even a short amount of time without one can take a serious toll on your personal comfort. Getting the clog addressed and fixed can also avoid overflowing water and some of the potential health risks that can come with it.

Problems with the Boiler or Water Heater

Nobody wants to take cold showers, but if you find that your boiler or water heater is out of commission, everyone might be shivering while they try to get clean in the morning. Since these appliances are often in basements and garages, they are exposed to dust and debris over time and can spring a leak or have combustible materials that build up. Without proper maintenance, these seemingly small issues can quickly become non-functional, or it might even become a dangerous fire hazard.

Flooding or Burst Pipes

Winter temperatures in Utah average around 40 degrees, but can easily dip into the low single digits, or even the negative numbers overnight. Pipes that are near the edge of your home might freeze when temps get this low, then burst next time you turn on the water. While cold temperatures are a more common cause, underground pipes can also burst in the summer. Both produce flooding and other problems and you should call a plumbing contractor in Utah right away.

New Plumbing Fixture Installation

Unfortunately for most homeowners, watching an episode of HGTV doesn’t actually make you an experienced plumber. It can make you think that installing sinks, toilet, faucets, and other things is pretty easy, but some of the most common emergencies that plumbing contractors respond to are those related to DIY projects gone wrong. To minimize damage and save some money, just hire a professional for any plumbing installation projects.

When you discover a plumbing emergency, a quick response is essential. Make sure you have the number of a trustworthy, quality plumber handy so you can get someone to respond immediately.

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