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4 Ways A Tankless Water Heater Increases Your Home’s Property Value!

A tankless water heater is an incredible, long-term investment for every Northern Utah household!

tankless water heaters help support property value

When it comes to home improvement investments that increase residential property value, you’re of course going to need to deeply consider your local area’s ongoing housing market. Home buyers have widely varying desires and needs, and here in Northern Utah there just so happens to be a widespread issue with hard water and water heater inefficiency.

This is why a tankless water heater is one of many plumbing investments that Northern Utah homeowners and families should keep in mind. A lot of people consider tankless water heaters to be luxury items due to the fact that it essentially provides a limitless amount of hot water, but these stigmas are changing and making this plumbing innovation much more affordable for everyone.

Below is a list from our Master Plumbers detailing four important ways that a tankless water heater can improve your property value!

Why Do Tankless Water Heaters Increase A Home’s Resale Value? Here Are Four Reasons Why This Commonly Happens!

Although there are many different ways that a tankless water heater can increase your home’s value, here are four particularly important explanations that homeowners should keep in mind:

1. Increasing Your Property’s Energy Efficiency & Decreasing Monthly Bills

You won’t need to worry about standby energy losses with tankless water heaters like you would with conventional tank storage units, which subsequently means that you’ll end up saving a significant amount each month on your utility bills. Tankless water heaters are undoubtedly a more energy-efficient option for residential water heating, and this increased efficiency improves as you use more water on a daily basis.

Increased home efficiency is a major selling point in Northern Utah’s real estate market, and households today are saving well over $200 each year just by switching to a tankless water heater!

2. Freeing Up More Flooring Space

Conventional tank storage water heaters will always use up a good amount of your floor space within your basement, your garage or potentially an entire closet area. Many home buyers will be specifically honing in on storage spaces to see where they’ll be able to place all their stuff, so extra storage space can be a legitimate selling point that helps improve property value.

Tankless water heaters eliminate the need for incredibly large 50-gallon tanks inside your home, and this is because tankless counterparts are relatively small, wall-mounted units. Tankless water heaters generally will help homes gain about 15-20 square feet for more storage space, which is many times a big plus for prospective buyers.

3. Real Estate’s Green Movement

Countless businesses all throughout Northern Utah are learning quickly how fostering sustainability practices is incredibly important for branding and keeping up with society’s latest trends. The same goes for modern home buyers, because they too want to purchase properties that are well-equipped for a sustainable, eco-conscious lifestyle.

Countless home buyers are the type of people who strongly emphasize sustainability with all their shopping decisions, and this subsequently means that they’re willing to spend more knowing that they’re purchasing sustainable products. Many real estate specialists believe that this type of trend isn’t going away anytime soon, which is why tankless water heaters are a huge selling point for buyers!

4. Exceeding A Buyer’s Expectations

Local housing markets are a major factor in influencing the overall features found within residential properties, and Northern Utah just so happens to have an incredibly competitive housing market as of 2022. What this means is that many older homes are going to have a bit more difficulty selling as compared to newer homes that have all sorts of modern features, and a conventional water heater in an older home will only make these types of differentiations more profound.

So if you own a home that’s relatively older, you can help level the playing field by investing in a tankless water heater that will surprise prospective buyers and help them realize that your property is well-equipped for the foreseeable future!

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