5 Common Urinal Services Repairs That Business Leaders Should Know About

Businesses of all types require urinal services every now and again, and the Beehive Plumbing team is here to support your commercial plumbing issues!

urinal services are a big part of our commercial plumbing efforts at Beehive Plumbing

There are countless commercial properties throughout Northern Utah that utilize urinal fixtures within their men’s bathrooms, and it’s true that your urinals are always designed to last for multiple decades at a time.

The biggest issue is that urinal services are needed for mechanical mishaps and other plumbing woes that require consistent attention, and what’s more complicated for business leaders is that specific models/brands of urinals will pose their own unique plumbing problems.

The Beehive Plumbing team has become one of the Salt Lake City Metro Area’s top commercial plumbing providers over the past 20 years due to our strong commitment to high-quality services and customer satisfaction, so we’ve seen our fair share of urinal repairs throughout our company history.

We understand how there are certain scenarios in which a building engineer can be called in to support your business’ urinal fixtures, but that more often than not you’re going to need the expertise of veteran plumbing specialists.

Below are five common urinal services repairs that business leaders should know about, and how the Master Plumbers within the Beehive Plumbing team can support you in restoring full plumbing functionality!

Drain Backups

There are a wide variety of issues that can be the result of a urinal’s drain not functioning properly, and some of these plumbing problems will be simple fixes whereas others are more complicated.

An example of a simple urinal drain backup issue would be some type of debris clogging the internal drain within the urinal; and an example of a more complicated backup issue would be necessitating a professional drain snake tool to unclog the plumbing fixture’s drain line.

Beehive Plumbing helps both home and business owners when it comes to all sorts of drain cleaning needs, so you can be rest assured that our specialists will have your urinal drain backup issues resolved quickly and efficiently!

Vent Stack Issues

There are also many common urinal services repairs that require cleaning and other sorts of plumbing attention to a urinal’s vent stack. The main purpose of a property’s vent stack is to release sewer odors, and many businesses will have their vent stack go up to their roof.

When your property’s vent stack becomes clogged or dirty, it will require immediate cleaning attention in order to prevent any unwanted smells emanating throughout your business.

This type of urinal repair will always require the attention of an experienced plumber, because many DIY vent stack projects actually end up making issues a lot worse than they previously were.

Low Flush Pressure

Low flush pressure issues within urinal fixtures are rather straightforward plumbing repairs that the Beehive Plumbing specialists can help you resolve.

Most conventional urinals will utilize flush valves that are typically installed towards the top of the fixture, and these flush valves are usually either sensor or manually controlled.

A lot of commercial properties will be unaware of the fact that their urinals also have a regulator feature within the flush valve, and that this regulator can be adjusted to release more water and ultimately resolve any low flush pressure issues.

Our plumbing specialists will help you when it comes to properly disassembling your urinal’s flush valve and ensuring that the regulator is put in the most optimal setting.

Flush Pressure That’s Too High

This type of urinal services issue is of course very similar to the above section about low flush pressure, and our plumbing specialists will essentially follow the same steps to turn the regulator to a lower flush pressure setting.

It’s important for business leaders to simply understand that both of these polar opposite sides of the urinal flush pressure spectrum are the result of wear and tear over long periods of time. This is why you should routinely have your urinal regulators inspected and adjusted by commercial plumbing specialists.

It’s also important to note that there are some rare instances in which a urinal’s flush valve is damaged to the point of needing replacement.

Your Urinal Isn’t Flushing

This type of urinal plumbing problem is rather pervasive in that there are many different causes associated with urinal flushing malfunctioning.

One of the worst causes of this type of scenario would be when there’s a physical break within the urinal’s piping; but more commonly these plumbing problems will be the result of malfunctions within the fixture’s flushing mechanism.

But regardless of what is actually causing your urinal to not properly flush, you’re going to need the expertise of our plumbing specialists to check off all the boxes and be as comprehensive as possible when it comes to resolving this common problem.

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