5 Reasons To Consider Upgrades Within Your Urinal Services To Waterless Urinals

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It’s understandable how the vast majority of business leaders don’t think about their restrooms when they consider ideas about how they can improve their company and customer satisfaction, but there truly have been many different advancements within urinal services and restroom technology that can do wonders in terms of improving the overall impression of your business amongst your customers and team members.

One very common restroom upgrade that’s growing in popularity all across Northern Utah is installing waterless urinals, and our Master Plumbers are specialists in terms of these types of cutting-edge installations.

So the following are 5 important reasons why your business should consider upgrading your restroom’s urinal services:

1. Reducing Your Monthly Utility Bills

One of the best benefits associated with waterless urinals is that they of course aren’t going to be flushed like traditional urinals after every use. Considering that you’re never going to flush these types of urinals, you’ll subsequently never need to use much water at all to maintain their full functionality.

Conventional urinals utilize about 1-3 gallons of water with each and every flush, so as you can imagine, this adds up when your business gets busy and more people are utilizing your restroom facilities.

The average yearly savings for business owners in Northern Utah that switch to waterless urinals is about $250, so these are savings that you won’t want to miss out on!

2. Making Your Restrooms More Hygienic

It’s always important for business leaders to consider some of the factors that make waterless urinals more hygienic as compared to traditional urinal services.

The first factor you should consider is the simple fact that no flushing from waterless urinals will subsequently lead to no flush handle that countless people touch on a daily basis in between sanitation cleans. When you use a waterless urinal, you truly have no need to touch any part of the fixture, and this is great when it comes to maintaining the overall cleanliness and germ dispersion risks within your restrooms.

Another important factor to keep in mind is that traditional urinals will many times spray out particulates into your restroom’s air with each flush, and you don’t have to worry about these types of air contamination threats with waterless urinals.

3. Reducing Odors

Another really great benefit of waterless urinals is that they do a great job at properly draining urine into a trap that prevents contact with air, so essentially the urinal system is very effective at eliminating all chances of odor issues.

A recent study from East Carolina University has helped prove that waterless urinals do in fact provide a much more effective odor treatment as compared to conventional urinals and toilets.

4. Waterless Urinals Require Less Upkeep/Maintenance

One of the best features associated with waterless urinals is that they have an extremely simplified design, and this includes the fact that they don’t actually have any mechanical parts like conventional urinals do.

This subsequently means that waterless urinals are very resistant and don’t require much maintenance at all, which can go a long way in reducing the amount of costs your property has to spend on future plumbing repairs.

5. The Many Benefits Of Being Eco-Friendly

The last reason we think commercial property owners should consider upgrading their urinal services to waterless urinals is due to environmental consciousness and the marketing benefits associated with these efforts.

There’s no denying that much of Utah experiences drought issues and water shortages, and the thousands of gallons of water your business can save via a waterless urinal system each and every year can truly make a difference.

Waterless urinals also simply show that your business cares about the environment and water problems permeating throughout Utah and the whole world, and this makes customers feel much better because they’ll know that they’re supporting an eco-friendly company.

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