5 Water Heater Repair Issues Causing Hot Water To Run Out Quickly

Having your hot water supply run out quickly is a common scenario for a water heater repair!

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Everyone has gone through the scenario in which they turn their shower on and their water is either cold right away, or it becomes cold within a few minutes. Any lack of hot water within your household is of course very concerning, and it just so happens to be a very common water heater repair scenario.

The truth is that there are certain instances in which your water heater may be functioning properly, but it’s simply not large enough to supply you and your family’s overall needs. But no matter what you’re currently experiencing with your water heater, the Master Plumbers at Beehive Plumbing are here to support your home’s plumbing system and make sure that everything is brought up to optimal functionality and performance.

Below are 5 common water heater repair scenarios that may explain why your hot water is running out too quickly!

1. Your Family Has Simply Grown

This may seem like a pretty obvious household water supply issue, but it’s important to understand that household growth doesn’t just come as you add more people into your home. A lot of times water supply issues will arise as children get older and need to take longer showers, which then leads your hot water tank to drain more rapidly.

So although adding more children or elderly relatives into your home will subsequently lead to more water usage, family growth can mean a lot of different scenarios.

But the good news is that this type of water heater repair will many times only be a water heater replacement that allows your household to utilize a larger tank!

2. Your Household Requires Too Much Simultaneous Demand

Another very common problematic water heater scenario is when a household needs too much hot water all at once, and this can mean a lot of different things. It could be that you’re running your laundry machines and dishwasher while someone else is showering, or when two or more people are trying to simultaneously shower in separate bathrooms.

There are also many scenarios in which people will experience the exact opposite of lacking hot water and be scalded out of nowhere! This type of problem can occur within certain residential plumbing systems when someone is running cold water or flushes a toilet while someone is showering.

The easiest solution when a household is experiencing this issue is to coordinate hot water usage more intricately, which of course can be a lot easier said than done with a full house! You can also consider a tankless water heater that provides an endless supply of hot water, but you’ll still need to properly avoid too much demand even with these innovative plumbing solutions!

3. Your Water Heater Is Set On The Wrong Temperature Setting

There is always the possibility that your water heater is on the wrong setting, which is then causing hot water inconsistencies throughout your home. The ideal water heater temperature setting is anywhere in between 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit.

If your water heater is set below 120 degrees, then all you’ll need to do is just turn up your heat a little bit; however, it’s still important to be very delicate with these settings because you don’t want to set your water heater too high and run the risks of scalding yourself or a family member!

This is especially concerning if you have young children, so a good happy medium for families would be a temperature setting around 125 degrees.

4. Broken Dip Tube

If your water heater temperature issues have suddenly occurred and the differences are drastic, then you might be experiencing a broken dip tube. One common sign of a broken dip tube is small bits of plastic being found within your drain strainers, showerheads, or other appliance filter screens.

If you do notice plastic bits within these areas, then it’s a clear warning signs that you have a damaged water heater dip tube. The overall purpose of a dip tube is to ensure that cold water is sent to the bottom of your water heater tank, which allows it to be more efficiently heated up; so a broken dip tube will lead to cold water remaining at the top of the tank and not properly heating.

Your best bet in this type of water heater repair scenario is to reach out to the Beehive Plumbing team and have one of our specialists confirm the issue and properly replace your dip tube.

5. Sediment Buildup

Another very common water heater repair scenario that leads to inefficient hot water supply is sediment buildup within your water tank, and this type of issue simply occurs as your water heater gets older. A lot of people will simply forget how important it is to conduct yearly system flushes, which can lead to natural sediment forming and then settling at the bottom of your water tank.

Sediment buildup will cause your hot water supply to run out too quickly, and water tank sediment can include things like rust, sand or silt. Another serious issue associated with sediment buildup is that your heating elements will inadvertently heat up the sediment at the bottom of the tank and subsequently slow down the process of actually heating up the tank’s water supply.

The only way to fully resolve this type of water heater issue is to thoroughly flush out the entire system, and this type of flushing is always best to leave within professional hands. Our team has the industry knowledge and experience to properly drain out your water heater and remove the sediment without posing any flooding threats to your crawlspace or basement.

Another important tip to keep in mind when it comes to preventing sediment buildup within your water heater is to schedule maintenance checkups with our specialists on a yearly basis.

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