7 Tips For Flushometer Repairs

The Beehive Plumbing team is full of commercial plumbing specialists, and one service we provide for our commercial clients is flushometer repairs!

flushometer repairs are a big part of our commercial plumbing jobs at Beehive Plumbing in Northern Utah

We’ve always appreciated each and every one of our commercial plumbing clients, and we’ll be there for your business property’s plumbing system no matter what occurs!

One of the common commercial plumbing tasks our team conducts on a regular basis is flushometer repairs, and these types of plumbing repairs particularly pertain to flush valves on all types of commercial plumbing appliances like urinals and toilets.

We understand just how frustrating it can be for commercial property owners when their flushometers aren’t functioning properly, so what we’ve done is compile the following 7 flushometer repair tips to assist you as you come across these types of plumbing issues:

1. The Length Of Your Flush Is Too Brief

There can actually be several different causes associated with flush lengths being cut short or your flushometers immediately turning off once they’ve been activated.

The first common cause of this issue is that your flushometer’s diaphragm assembly has become damaged or simply worn out due to overuse. The second most common cause is that you’re experiencing damage to your handle assembly.

If you believe that you’re experiencing one of these common causes, then our team will be able to come to your property and effectively replace either your handle or diaphragm assembly. We’ll also carefully examine your fixture’s labeling to better ensure that you’re getting the correct flush volume with your new parts.

2. The Length Of Your Flush Is Too Long

One of the most common reasons for a commercial property to be experiencing extended flush times is a clogged bypass orifice within your diaphragm assembly.

If our Master Plumbers suspect that you’re experiencing this type of clog, we’ll be able to thoroughly rinse our your diaphragm assembly and filter rings to see if we can provide a quick fix to this type of flushometer issue. If a professional cleansing doesn’t properly resolve your issues with your bypass orifice, then it’s likely that you’re going to need a diaphragm assembly replacement.

Another common reason for extended flush times is that your relief valve has become damaged, and if we suspect this is the cause then we’ll recommend replacing these vital parts.

There are also instances in which water saver assemblies develop longer flush times as they get older, so we’ll always be sure to carefully examine your fixture’s markings/labeling to learn more about flush volume requirements. This will better help us replace your faulty parts with new parts that are specifically designed for a more optimal flush volume.

Another common cause for this type of commercial plumbing issue is that your water line pressure has recently dropped and is not properly supporting your relief valve. If this is the case, we’ll be sure to restore your property’s water pressure through a thorough analysis and repair procedure!

3. Your Flush Valve Simply Isn’t Flushing At All

There are many scenarios in which a property’s flush valves simply aren’t flushing at all, and the first thing you should always do in this type of situation is examine your main water supply valve to see if it’s been partially or fully closed.

You can of course be experiencing issues due to regular wear and tear that has accrued over a long period of time, so this could simply mean that you need to replace your handle assembly in order to restore the fixture’s flushing capabilities.

This same scenario can apply to your fixture’s relief valve, because over time these parts can simply become damaged and require replacements.

4. Water Is Splashing Out Of Your Fixture

Splashing water is always unsanitary, and it can also be pretty dangerous when it leads to slippery floors.

There are two probable causes if your property is experiencing this type of flushometer issue. The first is that your control stop is much too wide, and the other cause is that you have the wrong type of diaphragm assembly installed within your flush valve.

This is why it’s so important to always be matching your plumbing parts with your fixture’s unique parameters, and many times these flushometer repairs will entail our specialists installing a new diaphragm assembly that coincides with your flush valve’s flush volume.

5. Your Fixture Isn’t Flushing Sufficiently

The first thing you should always do when you’re experiencing insufficient flushing from your plumbing fixtures is to make sure that your control stop is open enough.

There truly are many different causes to this type of issue, but for the most part the solution to this problem is making sure that you have the proper parts installed. Many times our specialists will simply need to re-install your parts kit to ensure the correct amount of flushing.

Another cause of this problem is that your experiencing low water pressure or volume throughout your fixtures, so we’ll always thoroughly examine your fixture’s diaphragm assembly, control stop, restriction ring and refill head to verify that everything is functioning properly or not.

6. You’re Hearing Strange, Chattering Sounds

If you’re experiencing this type of issue and are hearing strange sounds coming from your flush valve during flushes, then there are a few common causes to how this is happening.

Our team will conduct thorough analyses of your relief valve, the inside cover and your entire diaphragm assembly to see what exactly is causing the sounds. Once we’ve properly identified the source of the chattering, we’ll recommend replacing the damaged parts.

7. Water Leaks

Water leaks are a rather clean sign that your fixture is experiencing a damaged or worn out handle assembly or handle seal. If this issue is occurring within your fixture’s handle seal, then we’ll conduct a thorough handle repair to resolve the leaking.

If your handle assembly appears to be damaged and is causing the leaking, then we’ll recommend that you replace your entire assembly.

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