8 Warning Signs That Your Home May Need Pipe Repairs

Pipe repairs are always important during the fall months, so keep your eye out for these red flags before any residential plumbing issues get out of hand!

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Pipe repairs are always a really crucial part of plumbing services each fall that can help homeowners when it comes to reducing utility bills and avoiding costly replacements or structural damage, but actually noticing pipe problems is a lot easier said than done for most people!

Because your home’s pipes are typically under your flooring or behind walls, it’ll likely require an experienced plumbing specialist to pinpoint any issues and actually decipher what’s happening. One of the biggest concerns that come with not being able to recognize piping problems is when a pipe leak occurs, because this will inevitably cost a household a lot of wasted money and can lead to serious structural damage.

The truth is that all homeowners should be able to recognize the warning signs of pipe repairs and other common issues, so what we’ve done in this article is compile 8 warning signs that you should be well aware of so you can enjoy the fall without being bothered by piping issues!

Knowing When To Call The Experts For Pipe Repairs

It’s not as difficult as many people would think when it comes to simply identifying the possible warning signs of pipe problems, but it’s important to know that these types of warning signs will typically manifest themselves in unexpected ways.

So the next time you have any reasons to believe that your home is experiencing plumbing problems, look into the following 8 warning signs oriented around pipe repairs:

  • Water Contamination: Some of our specialized treatment systems like water softeners and water filtration can help when it comes to reducing the overall chances of your home experiencing contamination, but if your home’s water supply seems murky in any way then it’s important to call our experts to help you out before any health risks affect you and your family.
  • Rusted Spots: Your home’s plumbing system will include pipes running all throughout your property, so it’s always a good idea to conduct your own inspections throughout some of the odd parts of your home to verify the durability and current condition of your pipes. If you notice any rusted spots on your pipes then it’s likely that you simply have old pipes that will require replacement, but this issue will only get worse with time and can even lead to the necessity for home restorations. This is obviously something that all homeowners should avoid at all costs, so reach out to the Beehive Team when you notice any rusty spots permeating throughout your piping system.
  • Mysterious Holes And Cracks: If you notice any kind of cracks or holes within your piping system, then this is a serious concern! Many older homes also have older pipes, and these old pipes can actually be at risk of being damaged if not consistently checked up on. This type of damage only gets worse with time and neglect, so always call us immediately when you notice this warning sign!
  • Pipe Corrosion: There are many places throughout your property like your basement where you can get a good chance at conducting an inspection, and these inspections should be oriented around noticing any signs of corrosion. It’s important to note that if you do recognize corrosion on your basement’s pipes, then it’s likely that the other pipes throughout your household are also corroding. This pipe issue will almost always require replacement, because neglecting this issue could lead to the pipe actually breaking and causing rather disastrous structural damage!
  • Low Water Pressure: Low water pressure can actually be a warning sign of pipe failure and leaks, so this is something that all homeowners should take very seriously! Always reach out to the Beehive Team when your home has low water pressure issues, because acting quickly can save you a ton of time and money in many instances.
  • Older Household Age: A lot of homebuyers are interested in the fixer-upper and renovation appeal with older homes, but when you go this investment route you should always remember the possibilities that you’re dealing with the property’s original pipes. This will inevitably lead to a rather uphill battle, and the older a home is the more likely that you’ll experience plumbing problems of all types. This is why you should always have one of our specialists come take a look at a home on the market and conduct inspections for you!
  • Damp Floors And Walls: This is a very important pipe repair warning sign to keep in mind, because you should always call us immediately if you notice any water stains on your floors or walls. These types of piping issues can lead to very serious water damages and even mold growth, so you simply can’t let this warning sign linger!
  • Obsolete Pipes: It’s likely that any homes built prior to the ‘90s are using outdated piping systems, including pipes made of polybutylene. This pipe material has actually been the cause of countless lawsuits due to its defectiveness, so if you do have an older home you should always get an expert to come conduct a proper inspection of your piping system to see what your system is comprised of. Cast-iron and clay pipes are also considered to be obsolete, so knowing your home’s piping material is very important!

Stay Prepared This Fall When It Comes To Pipe Repairs By Scheduling An Appointment With The Beehive Plumbing Team!

If you go through your home and recognize any of the above warning signs oriented around the necessity for pipe repairs, then you should always reach out to us online or call us at 801-661-8155 today to get one of our specialists over to your home as quickly as possible.

Our plumbing team is the very best throughout the entire Northern Utah area, so if you suspect any piping problems they’ll be more than capable of adequately examining your entire plumbing system for even the tiniest issues that may be difficult to recognize!

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