A Drop in the Bucket: The Benefits of a Water Softener

Do you take a look at your energy bill every month and feel the money drain from your pocket? It’s not all from electricity.

In fact, water heating accounts for about 18% of your home’s energy use.

Purifying your water could help you save money and the environment. It helps us protect our family, too. After all, no one wants to drink water that’s contaminated by lead and plastic.

Otherwise, you’re leaving your family vulnerable to calcium, magnesium, and other metals in your water.

Interested in protecting your family and your home? Keep reading to discover the 7 benefits of using a water softener system.

1. Improve Energy Efficiency

Think about how much water you use throughout the day. You need water to run the dishwasher, keep your front lawn looking spruce, and to make your morning cup of coffee.

When you use soft water instead of hard water, these appliances function with more efficiency. Otherwise, hard water causes limescale to interfere. Limescale can make heat transference difficult or clog the pipes.

A water softener can improve your water quality so these appliances require less energy.

Improving your home’s overall energy efficiency, including your water use, can help reduce your monthly energy spending.

Remember, you’re using water every day. Instead of forcing your appliances to work double-time, a water softener system can make sure they work better than ever.

2. Prolong Pipe Lifespan

Limescale is harmful to your home’s pipes. It causes galvanic corrosion, allowing the limescale to eat away at the surface of anything conductive to electricity.

Corrosion shortens the lifespan of the pipes throughout your home. Unfortunately, they’re expensive and inconvenient to replace.

With a water softener system, you can protect your pipes from future corrosion.

Your pipes aren’t the only ones bound to suffer. Other appliances and furnishings will need more maintenance if you’re using hard water, too.

The hard water minerals create insoluble salts or soap scum. You might notice a build-up against your tub, sink, and even your coffee machine. You’ll have to scrub to get rid of the scum, which risks scratching these surfaces unnecessarily.

3. It’s Environmentally-Friendly

The more you need to use natural resources, the worse off it is for the environment.

When hard water destroys your pipes and appliances, you’ll have to replace them in time. You’ll also end up using more energy. Meanwhile, your appliances won’t last as long because hard water is corroding them.

Using a water softener allows you to reduce your carbon footprint.

In addition to ensuring your appliances last longer, you’re also becoming more energy-efficient. Reducing our carbon footprint will allow us all to preserve the planet a little while longer.

4. Reduce Soap Use

Lather, rinse, and repeat! Unfortunately, hard water makes it difficult for you to lather with your favorite soaps or shampoos. You’ll end up using more water and shampoo just to get the desired result.

Doubling up on the shampoo and water to rinse it out will add to your energy use. If you’re running through your shampoo faster, you’re also adding to your spending.

With a water softener system at home, you can use less shampoo and water.

If you have a big family, this could add up to a lot of savings with time.

Harder water can also leave traces of magnesium or calcium in your hair. Over time, this can leave your hair feeling dry, brittle, or looking frizzier.

You might start to develop skin problems. If your skin is itchy or irritated, the minerals that are attacking your skin’s natural oils could be to blame.

5. Brighter, Softer Fabrics

Have you ever pulled freshly-washed sheets out of the dryer, only to find they’re stiff and discolored?

Water hardness can also impact your fabrics. You’ll notice a difference every time you wash your clothes, sheets, or towels.

Hard water contains minerals, which end up getting trapped within these fabrics. This causes the fabrics to feel stiff while dulling their colors.

With a soft water system, you can keep your favorite clothes looking brand new for much longer. In addition to ensuring your clothes look and feel great, this will also cut down on your shopping in the future.

Instead of replacing your favorite outfits, you can turn them into hand-me-downs that still feel brand new.

6. Better for Your Houseplants

The minerals in your hard water can impact your plants as much as your bedsheets.

Delicate plants require soft water. Otherwise, the chlorine in hard water can cause them to wilt and die.

Many people who use tap water to water their houseplants end up leaving the water to sit in an open container. After half an hour, the chlorine drifts out of the water. With a water softener system in place, however, you can skip this time-consuming step.

Instead, you can water your houseplants with tap water without worrying about chlorine ruining their natural beauty.

If you’re unsure about your home’s tap water quality, 0 to 60 mg/L as calcium carbonate is classified as “soft” water. Check out these maps to view water hardness throughout the United States.

7. Prolongs Sewer System Life

When hard water runs through your pipes, the limescale will start to build up. This causes the diameter of the pipes to shrink as a layer of limescale takes up space.

For water to get through, the water pressure has to increase. Unfortunately, the additional water pressure can end up damaging the sewer system. Weaker pipes can leave your home without the clean water you need to keep everyone happy and sanitary.

Installing a water softener can help prolong your sewer system’s lifespan.

Instead of dealing with limescale build-up, you can keep the sewer system functioning at optimal leaves. Plus, it improves your water quality, providing comfort to everyone who uses the water in your home.

It’s Not Hard: 7 Benefits of Using a Water Softener System

It’s not a hard decision to get rid of hard water! With a water softener system, you can save money and spend less time cleaning. Leave the scum buildup behind and live a healthier life.

Ask about our water softener services today to experience these benefits for yourself.

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