Benefits of Having a Water Softener System

If your home has hard water, you will want to invest in the purchase of a water softener. This is because hard water can have many deleterious effects, but first, it is crucial to understand what hard water is.

What is Hard Water?

Ground water that is filtered through rocks and stones containing stores of calcium, iron, and magnesium will come out of your tap with unusually high levels of these minerals, and this is the very definition of hard water. Although it has no negative side effects for your health, it can damage your appliances, and it can be hard on your clothing.

Disadvantages include:

  • It can clogs your pipes.
  • It leaves water spots, as it doesn’t allow soap to dissolve easily when washing clothing.
  • It leaves behind residue that will reduce the efficiency of your appliances and that will cause them to use more energy to run, thus running up your electric bill.
  • Your skin will feel rough after bathing or washing hands, and your hair will look and feel poorly.

A good water softener can alleviate these effects, and it will help to protect your pipes and appliances from being impacted by hard water.

Advantages of Having a Water Softener

Your water softener will either remove the minerals or dilute them. When the deposits are removed, they will be collected in the water softener’s tank and will be removed at intervals by being flushed down the drain.

The benefits of this include:

  • Your laundry will be cleaner.
  • Your vehicles, glasses, dishes, and fixtures will be shinier.
  • Skin and hair will be smooth after washing, and you will use less soap and shampoo to a greater effect.
  • Housework will be easier to perform, as soap will not curd when it mixes with softened water.
  • Clothing will retain their true colors, and they will last longer. They will also be softer, and your whites will no longer be dingy and gray.
  • Appliances will have a longer lifespan, and this will include your coffee maker, ice machine, dishwasher, washing machine, and water heater.
  • Energy costs will be lower, saving you money. In fact, your hot water heater will use as much as between 22 to 29 percent less energy.
  • You can use soaps and detergents that are free of chemicals.
  • When using WaterBoss, you are making an eco-friendly choice.
  • Your overall energy expenditure and carbon footprint will be greatly reduced. The greenhouses gases released will be lessened by the amount equivalent to that produced by an SUV over the course of a year.

Which is Better — Hard Water vs Soft Water

It all depends on what you are using it for. If it is for cooking or drinking, then you will prefer to be ingesting hard water. The minerals are good for your system, and this is something that the experts agree upon. For this reason, you can divert the water that will be used for human consumption by using a system that incorporates the function of a bypass valve. This way, you can keep your hard water for cooking and drinking, and you can have soft water for all your cleaning needs.

Systems for Filtering and Softening Water are Available from Beehive Plumbing in Utah

The professionals at Beehive Plumbing understanding the necessity of having your water serve all the purposes that you need it to, and we are experienced in helping our customers preserve their appliances and plumbing through proper water management. We offer consultations on your home plumbing and water situation, and our package includes:

  • Testing for chlorine, TDS, and water hardness
  • Testing your water pressure
  • Assessing your plumbing situation and the logistics regarding installation
  • Custom bidding for providing soft water

Beehive Plumbing of Utah will tailor a system for softening your water according to the parameters that will give you the optimum levels of mineral deposits in the water you use for all your home needs. For almost two decades we have been the go-to choice for providing water softening solutions for residents of Utah, and we hold ourselves to exceptional standards to make sure that you are satisfied in every way. We serve the areas of Kaysville, Centerville, Salt Lake City, and West Valley, and we can service your home, office, apartment, condominium, town home, and commercial building. Get in touch with us by calling (801) 661-8155 or by contacting Beehive Plumbing online, and we’ll get buzzing to work right away!

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