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Common Issues With Frost-Proof Faucets

It’s that time of year again when Northern Utah households need to start preparing for winter, which means taking frost-proof faucets into account!

frost-free faucet in Northern Utah

The fall colors are upon Northern Utah, which means winter and ski season are just weeks away. This means that homes and businesses all throughout the region need to start thinking about their winter plumbing preparations, and one thing that’s growing in popularity throughout the region is frost-proof faucets.

Beehive Plumbing has supported thousands of properties with frost-proof faucets in recent years, and below we’ll be detailing what these faucets are and the common issues that you should be on the lookout for to ensure your faucets are ready for winter!

What Exactly Are Frost-Proof Faucets?

Outdoor residential faucets are sometimes referred to as hose bibs, and these faucets generally work fine in the summer and sometimes experience issues in the winter months. Frost-free faucets help prevent outdoor connections from freezing when temperatures dramatically drop, which is incredibly important for every property in Northern Utah!

What these faucets essentially do is make sure that your water supply remains behind a valve that’s located within your property’s interior, which ensures that water won’t freeze. These faucets are also installed to guarantee a downward angle, which is important for properly draining any leftover water in your pipeline’s exterior areas.

Common Issues Associated With Frost-Proof Faucets

Although frost-proof faucets are usually very reliable, there can still be plenty of plumbing issues that only professionals will be able to help you out with. Below are some of the potential issues that could impact your faucet’s functionality:

Piping Flaws

If your pipe’s barrels are comprised of low-quality or flimsy materials, then it’ll be possible for the water in these barrels to freeze even with a frost-proof faucet. This is problematic because it could potentially lead to a pipe burst, which can lead to interior flooding in your basement areas.

Improper Installation

You won’t need to winterize your frost-free faucets if the installation was done correctly, but of course like many other plumbing fixtures, it’s possible that your outdoor faucets weren’t installed how they really should’ve been.

Every outdoor faucet is supposed to have a downward pitch to ensure that water properly drains out of a turned-off spigot. If the angle is even the slightest bit off, it can lead to water pooling and even burst pipes.

This type of issue often isn’t noticed until it’s far too late, which is why you’ll need professional assistance to thoroughly diagnose and resolve the improper installation.

Air Gap Leaks

If your faucet’s air gap isn’t properly sealed, it’ll be possible for water to siphon into your home’s interior. This is an important plumbing repair because the air gap leak will need to be completely sealed up again in order to prevent pressure buildup within the line.

Old Compression Washers

One of the most common issues that outdoor faucets experience is leaking due to an old compression washer. These washers are usually found near the faucet stem, and they’ll inevitably get worn down with time. This issue is problematic because it’ll lead to persistent leaks.

This scenario will always require a replacement washer, and your new washer will need to be the exact same type and size as your old one. It’s also possible to need a new brass screw in these scenarios as well.

Faucet Seat Damages

Faucet seats are important attachments that go into your faucet’s valve. Faucet seats can get damaged in a variety of different ways, and these issues are often connected to improper seals and worn out washers.

Faucet seats typically can’t be repaired, and they’ll likely require a replacement when they’re malfunctioning.

Damaged Vacuum Cap

Your faucet’s vacuum cap is comprised of a watertight compartment and diaphragm, and this part is important because it helps seal water out when you’re not using the faucet.

It’s normal for these vacuum caps to get worn down over long periods of time, and neglecting this issue will lead to leaks.

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