Common Reasons To Get Your Property’s Water Tested

Water tests are vital here in Northern Utah, and below we’re detailing why you may want to consider one at your property!

water tests

Your home or commercial property’s water will either come from surface or ground sources. This means your water either originates from natural bodies like rivers and lakes, or it comes from underground aquifers.

The EPA heavily regulates every source of public water in Northern Utah, but of course this is different if your property utilizes a private well system. But regardless of whether your property’s water comes from a municipal or private source, you’re going to need water tests to ensure the cleanliness of your drinking supply!

Common Reasons To Conduct Water Tests

People all over Northern Utah are constantly conducting water tests, and this is partly because we just so happen to live in a part of the United States that experiences an abnormal amount of sediment and contaminants due to the nearby Great Salt Lake (among other factors).

There are many reasons why someone may want to conduct a water test at their property, but every water test aims to reach specific goals, including:

Meeting Necessary Water Quality Standards

Utah has specific requirements when it comes to the levels of pollutants that are allowed within residential or commercial water lines. This subsequently means that certain water uses like fishing, swimming or drinking may not be permitted if a property’s water quality doesn’t fall within certain standards.

These standards have been established to protect people, and water tests help ensure that these protective measures are being met.

Identifying Harmful Chemical Pollutants

Water tests also do a great job at helping home and business owners with identifying harmful chemical pollutants, which then allows plumbing teams to better track down the source of the issue.

Water tests become vital for our Master Plumbers as they identify the source of pollutants, and these tests often become the basis for further subsequent actions.

Analyzing Current Trends

Chemical substances are thoroughly analyzed in water testing labs, and these substances are typically monitored for an extended period of time as well.

This comprehensive level of water testing allows for municipalities and property owners to better understand what current trends are occurring when it comes to water safety maintenance.

Discovering Potential Hazards

Water tests can be vital when it comes to detecting harmful levels of chemicals, which could potentially become a serious issue for a household or business.

This is by far one of the top reasons for water tests throughout Northern Utah, because people in this region understand just how important it is to maintain the overall quality of their drinking water!

Common Water Tests That You Should Know About

There are many different types of water tests that residential and commercial property owners should be aware of, and this is largely because certain tests are better at identifying particular contaminations than others.

The following types of water tests are often implemented throughout Northern Utah:

  • Temperature tests
  • Bacteria tests
  • Mineral tests
  • pH tests
  • Salinity tests
  • Turbidity tests
  • Chloride tests
  • Metal tests
  • Electric conductivity tests
  • And many others…

So as is easy to imagine, water testing has become increasingly more important throughout recent years. No one wants to drink contaminated or unclean water, and it’s often required to test your property’s water supply in a variety of unique ways in order to determine its overall cleanliness.

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