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Common Types of Household Drains and Drain Cleaning Services

Knowing what goes into our drain cleaning services is crucial to understanding how to uphold the integrity of your plumbing systems.

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Drains have been around for thousands of years, and drain cleaning has always been a somewhat unpleasant, yet important task to do on a regular basis. Drains are after all the conduits in which our waste liquids and water are channeled out of our homes, so drain cleaning services are crucial for personal and public health.

As everyone knows all too well, drains quite frequently can become blocked. Properly cleaning your drains does not mean simply pouring a corrosive, over-the-counter solution down them, and manually cleaning your drain’s debris isn’t necessarily the right solution either!

This is why it’s so important to have a team of professionals to assist your household when it comes to ensuring the overall integrity of your entire piping, drainage and sewer systems. In this article we’re going to go over some of the common types of household drains, and why professional drain cleaning is so essential.

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Common Household Drains and Subsequent Problems

There is inevitably going to be physical proof of drain problems within your home, which can manifest itself in water backing up or standing still. There could also be unsavory smells or strange sounds, but each type of household drain is unique and will present different problems you should know about.

Some of the common household drains and issues include the following:

  • Fixture drains: These drains are found in your kitchen sink and will more than likely present issues due to being a trap for grease and other food debris. When food debris builds up in the drain, it can ultimately lead to serious blockage. It’s rather difficult to get to the underside and pipes/traps that connect to the exposed part of fixture drains, which is something that typically requires professional attention.
  • Bathroom shower and sink drains: As we all know, these drains will collect intense amounts of hair and cosmetic product runoff, as well as other substances that can create dysfunctional drains. This is something that we’re all familiar with, and if it’s a serious clog that you can’t seem to get rid of then you’ll definitely require professional care.
  • Washing machine drains: These drains are rather complex and utilize an assortment of pumps and hoses that directly connect to a household’s main drain pipes. When your washing machine’s drain hoses become clogged, it can lead to no water leaving the washer. These clogs are sometimes caused by clothing fibers, but no matter what it’s a pretty serious repair that we’ll be more than ready to tackle for you.
  • Toilet traps: Toilet traps are meant to direct the flow of water, sewage and sewer gases. They are technically a collection point within your home’s plumbing system, so they’re inevitably susceptible to blockages. This is especially the case if you’re prone to flushing non-biodegradable materials!
  • Main sewer drains: These are the drains that connect your home’s sewage pipes to the municipal sewage infrastructure, and when blockages occur here there can be very detrimental backflow problems that create public health risks. One of the main causes of sludge obstruction with these drains is when people flush improper materials.
  • Floor drains: These drains are typically found in basements and crawl spaces, and their main purpose is to keep your home’s foundation dry. These drains typically will rely upon gravity, which subsequently leads to the chances of sediment buildup, blockages and even dangerous backups.

Why Regular Drain Cleaning Services Are So Important

All of our household tasks are easier when we keep up with them on a regular basis, and there’s no doubt about drain cleaning being an exception to this. This is why regularly scheduling drain cleaning services and maintenance through our team of experts is so vital to the overall integrity of your home.

Our team has the experience and the equipment to conduct thorough periodic checkups, as well as more serious repairs if necessary. But no matter what, preventative plumbing measures will always do a great job at reducing the chances of clogs and significant backups.

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