Commonly Unknown Reasons Why You Need Frequent Toilet Repairs

It’s somewhat normal to need toilet repairs every now and again, but if your home is experiencing consistent issues in your bathroom then it’s a sign that something is seriously wrong!

toilet repair is costly!

Are you currently experiencing a situation in which one of your home’s toilets is continuously becoming clogged? A lot of toilet clogs will be alleviated through simple plunging methods, but if you’re using your plunger on a regular basis then it’s a sign that your in need of professional toilet repairs.

Frequently clogged toilets is a plumbing issue that you should never neglect, and it’ll be pretty important that you get to the actual root of the issue as quickly as possible so you can fix your toilet problems once and for all. The truth is that there could be a whole array of issues that could be posing problems within your toilet, and on this page the Master Plumbers at Beehive Plumbing are going over some of the relatively unknown reasons why homeowners experience these types of plumbing problems.

So the following are some of the relatively surprising ways in which toilet blockages occur, and many of these reasons tend to wreck havoc amongst residential plumbing systems:

Your Household Is Flushing Things Down The Toilet That They Shouldn’t

The only things you should be putting down your toilets are your sewage waste and toilet paper, nothing else. Although this should seem somewhat obvious, it’s actually pretty common for household objects deep down in your piping system to be the root cause of persistent toilet clogs.

The following are just a few examples when it comes to what you should never put down your toilet:

  • Baby wipes
  • Cotton balls
  • Paper towels
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Hair
  • Dental floss
  • Cigarette butts
  • And much, much more…

It’s always better to be safe than sorry in terms of avoiding the root causes of toilet repairs via what you flush down your toilet, and this means sitting your entire household down and thoroughly explaining what can and cannot be flushed.

You Aren’t Using The Right Type Of Toilet Paper For Your Residential Property

Like we mentioned above, toilet paper should be the only thing that you flush down your toilets; however many homeowners don’t realize just how unique each type of toilet paper is in terms of the ability to break down once flushed. There are many different types of rather thick toilet paper that actually end up leading to serious clogs and other types of plumbing system malfunctions.

There have been recent studies in terms of which toilet paper is best for your home, and what has been resolved throughout the plumbing industry is that 1-ply toilet paper is the type of toilet paper that ends up breaking down the easiest after being flushed. 2 and 3-ply toilet papers are a little bit different, though. Some 3-ply toilet paper products won’t ever break down within certain types of plumbing systems!

So if you utilize 3-ply toilet paper and you’re also experiencing frequent toilet blockages, then you should consider switching up to a 1 or 2-ply toilet paper.

You’re Experiencing Toilet Tank Problems

One of the next things a homeowner should consider when they’re confident that their toilet paper isn’t causing consistent clogs is to examine their toilet tank. The first thing you should look at is just how much water is in the tank, and how much water is in the tank after you flush.

If it looks as if your toilet tank isn’t filling up properly, then this could actually be the root of your frequent clogs. Your tank’s water is supposed to provide the necessary amount of force to push each flush down through your piping system, so any lack of tank water will subsequently lead to a lack of necessary flush pressure and potentially frequent clogs.

The Beehive Plumbing team will be able to figure out exactly why your toilet’s tank isn’t filling up like it should, and this may necessitate us looking into your home’s water supply line to make sure that everything is operating correctly. There is a chance that you may need a water main replacement, or that you just need to replace one or two of your tank’s components.

This type of plumbing issue will always require the experience and knowledge of plumbing experts, and our team will always be able to thoroughly evaluate your toilet’s issues and quickly decipher if the tank is the source of your issues.

Your Home May Be Utilizing An Outdated, Low-Flush Toilet

The plumbing industry was revolutionized around 1995 when low-flush toilets were first introduced, and these were such great inventions because they helped home and business owners everywhere reduce the amount of water they used with each and every flush.

There’s absolutely no doubt about it that low-flush toilets have helped change the world in terms of saving water, but these original models from the ‘90s are sometimes causing more harm than good for people in 2020. So if your toilet is from the ‘90s, then there’s a good chance that the toilet itself is the root cause of your frequent clogs. This is mainly because these older toilets were originally designed to reduce flush pressure, and this pressure can continue to subside after long periods of usage.

So sometimes your home may need to simply upgrade to a new toilet in order to resolve your frequent clogging issues, and these newer models will still be more than capable of saving just as much water as your ‘90s toilet!

Your Home Is Suffering From Hard Water

Just about every Utah home experiences a water supply with at least a handful of minerals in it, but there are some instances in which Utah homeowners are experiencing water that has far too many minerals. When a water supply has too many minerals, it’s considered to be hard water. Hard water also just so happens to be rather catastrophic to residential plumbing systems when it’s neglected.

The surplus of minerals found in hard water can actually build up over long periods of time underneath a toilet, and sometimes hard water can be the root cause of homeowners needing an entire drain replacement!

The best thing that Utah homeowners can do when it comes to hard water is prevent the many issues this type of water supply poses via installing a water softener. No one should ever have to worry about their property’s water supply posing serious issues within their plumbing system these days, and water softeners just so happen to be one of the best ways to alleviate these types of problems!

Your Home Could Be Experiencing Much More Concerning Issues Within Your Sewer Line Or Septic Tank

All of the above plumbing issues are rather minor and can be fixed with about one or two visits from the Beehive team, but there’s absolutely nothing minor about issues within a home’s septic tank line or sewer line. Sewer line repairs are always an arduous process, and these repairs only get more complicated when it’s deemed necessary for a replacement.

This is why you should always consider getting routine checkups on your sewer or septic tank line just to make sure that everything is running smoothly and your system isn’t showing any red flag warning signs. By catching these types of issues early on, you can end up saving a ton of money!

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