Considerations To Keep In Mind Before A Bidet Installation

A lot of northern Utah homes are considering a bidet installation these days, so here are some factors to keep in mind while you’re planning these projects!

Bidet Installation

Bidets have become incredibly popular throughout the United States in recent years, and all of us at Beehive Plumbing have recognized the recent growth in our bidet installation services in northern Utah as well.

Although bidets have been widely used around the world for a long time, a lot of Americans are just now beginning to figure out why these plumbing fixtures are so widely loved throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and South America. But in today’s plumbing industry, bidets are hot items that homeowners are requesting in huge numbers.

So if you’re currently considering a bidet installation at your northern Utah home, then you’re certainly not alone. Below are some considerations to keep in mind prior to investing in a new bidet for your bathroom!

Bidets Solve All Sorts of Bathroom Issues

Most Americans don’t realize this, but we tend to use a lot of toilet paper. Excessive toilet paper usage makes plumbing systems more prone to all sorts of sewage clogs, as well as septic tank issues. Bidets are extremely helpful in terms of cutting back on overall toilet paper usage, and they’re also very soothing for those who have pain while using the bathroom.

It’s also important for northern Utah homeowners to realize that most younger and non-English-speaking homebuyers actually are expecting to see bidets these days. So installing a bidet in your bathroom can go a really long way to boost your home’s resale value.

A lot of people with Parkinson’s or arthritis also really appreciate bidets, because using the toilet is as easy as pressing a button. The same goes for those with mobility disabilities and other issues that make wiping a bit tougher than usual.

Caregivers also tend to appreciate the conveniences that bidets provide as well, because it helps them a lot in terms of supporting their loved ones with incontinence issues.

There Are Many Different Types of Bidets, So There’s Definitely A Model To Support Your Unique Needs!

Another consideration to keep in mind before a bidet installation is that you’re inevitably going to have several options and bidet styles to choose from. There are classic bidets that are separate from your toilet, and there are also more high-tech bidets that are incredibly popular in today’s marketplace.

Integrated bidets are connected to toilet fixtures, so they’re easier to adapt to if you’ve never owned a bidet before. Some of the common tech features found in today’s bidets include the following:

  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speakers
  • Tankless water heater
  • Warm water spray
  • Night light
  • Floor and seat heaters
  • Air dryers
  • Built-in deodorizer

A lot of today’s bidets also feature a touchscreen that attaches to your wall, so you can access all of the above features with a couple easy clicks!

Separate Bidets Require Separate Installations

Classic bidets aren’t meant to handle solid human waste like conventional toilets can, so it’s important to keep this fact in mind while you’re weighing out your options. Although a lot of homes in northern Utah love toilet-bidet combos that essentially provide an all-in-one package, separate bidets are still very popular as well.

But when you want a separate bidet, you have to remember that this will require its own separate installation. The bidet will need its own drainage and plumbing line that goes to and from the fixture, and this is sometimes a drawback for people who aren’t doing a full-on bathroom renovation or other remodel plumbing project.

It’s usually a lot easier for our experts to install integrated bidets, because we’ll essentially just be installing a new fixture to replace your old toilet. We’ll also let you know when our electrician partners will be needed to complete your integrated bidet installation, but most bidet installations are pretty straightforward and only require a few hours!

Bidets Are Available For All Price Ranges

We understand how it can sometimes be difficult to navigate your bidet options when you’re planning out your next installation project, and our team will always help you figure out which options work best for your unique needs and budget.

We offer a wide range of bidet options when it comes to pricing, so we’ll be there for you and your bathroom when you want more upscale units or more down-to-earth options.

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Beehive Plumbing is a leading plumbing provider in northern Utah, and we’ve seen just how popular bidets have become throughout our region in recent years. We also understand how a lot of homeowners are just now beginning to consider their very first bidet installation, and we’ll be here to answer your questions and point you in the right direction towards a great plumbing investment.

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