Detecting Leaks with a Pipe Inspection Camera

Did you know that a leak from an average household can amount to 10,000 gallons of water wasted? When you combine all the wasted water in the country, it totals 1 trillion gallons. This is how much 11 million homes use on average.

Aside from the waste of good water, can you imagine paying for 10,000 gallons you’ve never used yearly?

That’s why it’s important to detect leaks early, and you can do that with a pipe inspection camera. How does it work and why should you get this instead of other leak detection services? Find out more about it below.

How a Sewer Camera Works

In a typical setting, sewer lines are sitting under the foundation of your house. The foundation, which is two feet above the sewer lines, is about four to five inches thick.

This necessitates the use of a sewer pipe inspection camera when you want to identify an issue with your pipes.

It’s a long “snake” with a video camera attached to the end. It’s flexible enough to allow it to turn corners and navigate the sewer lines with ease.

It delivers a monitor aboveground with a live feed of the state of the pipes as the camera goes through them. This allows the technician to see what the exact problem is and where is its location. As such, it’s used for precise plumbing leak detection and more.

The whole sewer camera system can record the video for future use.

Benefits of Using a Sewer Camera to Detect Leaks

Before the invention of pipe cameras, homeowners are already experiencing leaks and plumbers are already fixing the problem. This means there’s a traditional way to detect leaks. What makes using a sewer camera advantageous?

1. It Doesn’t Need Much Digging

While the plumbers may still need to do a little digging to access the area they want to inspect, it isn’t as big of a project as before.

In the past, many projects involve digging the whole backyard to locate the leak. With a camera, though, you can trust it to find the leak underground.

Once the camera finds out the location of the leak, the plumber may then have to perform more digging to fix it. At least, you don’t need to do any unnecessary digging.

2. It Saves You Time

Because you don’t have to do any guesswork, using a sewer camera is faster in identifying issues than other traditional methods.

Slipping the sewer camera into the main sewer line cleanout is easy. After that, all that’s left to do is to navigate it through the pipes; you don’t even have to shift positions as you do that. You only have to watch the monitor to see issues.

3. It Can Save You Money

Locating and fixing leaks cost more in the past because of how extensive the processes are. Digging, for example, adds to the high cost of the plumbing service. Using a sewer camera eliminates this cost.

Furthermore, it can save you bigger expenses due to worsened damages. Locating leaks is fast and easy, and fixing them comes right after. When you fix a problem that fast, your problem won’t get worse further, which means fewer costs for you.

4. It Makes It Easy to Locate Issues

Locating leaks isn’t the only thing it can do. Through the camera, you can see a buildup within the pipes, rusting, and even tree roots. It can also help you map out your lines, determine the type of system you have, and see the connections.

5. It’s a Preventative Measure

Because we don’t know what’s going on inside our pipes, it helps to have an eye there. Getting a sewer camera inspection service can help you see other potential issues.

Even if the results of your leak inspection are clean, meaning you have no leaking issues, the camera may still be able to catch footage of other flaws that can turn into huge problems later on.

You’ll then be able to prevent property damage. You’ll also save money because you won’t have to deal with fixing problems later. Fixing any issue now costs less than if you let it get worse.

It also provides you with a peace of mind, knowing all is well with your pipes after a clean inspection or fixing.

When to Use a Pipe Inspection Camera Service

Plumbing leaks are hard to detect, but their symptoms are often easy to identify. For instance, if your water bill has a sudden increase, you might be dealing with a leak, especially if your usage hasn’t changed.

A change in water pressure is also a sign of a plumbing leak. The change can either be consistent or intermittent and in the whole house or specific rooms only. Either way, it’s a huge sign of a leak.

If your leaking issue is big or you weren’t able to rectify a small one in time, you might deal with damage to the structure of your house. You might notice water stains on your ceiling, floor, or wall. Bubbling on the drywall is also indicative of a leak.

Letting the problem go this far can cost you thousands of dollars to solve it. This is especially dangerous since it weakens your house’s structure.

Another danger and symptom of a plumbing leak is mold and mildew. Drenching the house with bleach won’t solve it. Mold will keep coming back as long as there’s water leaking.

Keep your ears open, too, because if you hear water flowing even if the faucets are all turned off, that means water is leaking somewhere. You can often hear where the flowing is loudest. Take note of that; it will help the pipe inspection camera crew to know where to check first.

Get a Reputable Plumbing Service

A pipe inspection camera is useful, but it’s only as useful as the person analyzing the feed in the monitor. If you want to get an accurate diagnosis of your pipes’ problems, you should get a trusted plumbing company. Let us help you find the source of your leaks, contact us today.

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