Do Electric Water Heaters Use A Lot Of Electricity?

Below we’ll be breaking down electricity usage associated with electric water heaters!


There’s absolutely no denying that your home’s water heater is going to be one of your most energy-consuming appliances, and water heaters in general utilize around 17% of America’s overall energy output!

This is why it’s so important for Northern Utah homeowners to understand their energy consumption calculations associated with their electric water heaters, and below is some valuable information about helping you improve your home’s energy efficiency and lowering your utility bills:

How Much Electricity Do Electric Water Heaters Utilize?

There are a number of variables that come into play when deciphering the actual wattage of each electric water heater unit, including:

  • The size/age of the unit
  • If it’s a tank or on-demand model
  • Your specific temperature settings
  • Your daily water usage habits
  • And other factors…

The way to calculate your electrical usage is to multiply your per kWh price by the overall number of watts within your water heater, and also by amount of hours your unit is active on a daily basis. Once you have this product, you’ll then divide it all by 1,000.

Comparing Operating Costs Between Gas & Electric Water Heaters

Beehive Plumbing also offers gas water heaters, and these heaters typically cost a little bit less on a monthly basis as compared to electric models. This is generally because natural gas prices are usually lower than electricity prices, but one big benefit of electric units is their energy efficiency.

So it’s important for homeowners to keep EF ratings in mind when fully deciphering the differences between gas and electric water heater operating costs!

Tips To Minimize Your Monthly Bills

If you’re looking to reduce your overall monthly bills with your electric or gas water heater, then keep the following tips in mind:

  • Turn your thermostat down. A lot of water heater units have a default setting of 140 degrees, but 120 is all you’ll ever need for household purposes.
  • Take shorter showers. Although hot showers are always relaxing, it’s important to understand how indulging in hot showers for 20+ minutes can be detrimental for your overall energy consumption. So try to keep your showers to about five minutes!
  • Install low-flow showerheads and faucets. As your fixtures minimize the amount of water that flows through them during each minute of use, the less energy your entire household will need.
  • Insulate your water heater tank. There are many different types of water heater insulation blankets that are very popular throughout Northern Utah, and this is because they do a really good job at retaining a tank’s heat.
  • Use the right tank size for your household. You’re of course going to need to ensure that your water heater is large enough to support your household during the busiest hours of each day, but you won’t want to go too large to the point of wasting energy on a daily basis. Our water heater specialists will help you make these crucial calculations to make things easier on your family!
  • Upgrade to an energy-efficient water heater model. There are constant improvements occurring within efficiency technology, so you can have a more energy-efficient home when you upgrade to a state-of-the-art water heater unit.
  • Keep your other appliances in mind, too. It’s not just your water heater that’s going to consume a ton of water and energy on a daily basis, because your washing machine and dishwasher are also high-usage appliances. This is why you should also consider investing in efficient alternatives for these appliances as well.

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Although it’s true that your home’s electric water heater will likely utilize a decent amount of energy, there are many solutions out there to help you create a more eco-friendly home in Northern Utah.

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