Do You Need An Emergency Plumber? Common Questions To Ask Yourself When You’re In A Plumbing Bind!

Make sure you check off these boxes before reaching out to an on-call emergency plumber from Beehive Plumbing.

We generally don’t think about our plumbing systems because they’re out of sight and usually out of our minds, until an issue arises.

Drain backups and overflowing toilets can throw anyone into a tailspin of confusion, which is why it’s important to remain as calm as you can when you’re going through these types of emergency plumber scenarios.

Before panicking about your ongoing plumbing problem, be sure that you ask yourself the following questions to ultimately determine if you’re experiencing a true plumbing emergency or another type of issue that can wait for an appointment with one of our specialists:

Is it possible for you to stop the water flow?

This question is specifically tailored for sink leaks and overflowing toilets, because simply being able to successfully shut off the water source to a plumbing fixture can prevent you from experiencing all sorts of structural damages. Of course there are scenarios in which shutting off a water flow isn’t possible, and this is when you’ll need emergency relief right away!

But being able to shut off your water is a good sign, and it definitely buys you some time to schedule a call with a professional who’ll get there just a little later than emergency services.

Is your current leak a flood, or more of a trickle?

When leaks are considered to be within more of the drip variety, you’ll potentially be able to use a bucket to temporarily catch the water in order to then have a scheduled plumbing repair.

However, if you notice that this bucket is filling up pretty quickly, then you are better off reaching out to an emergency plumbing professional and getting the leak sorted out ASAP.

Are there any potential health issues involved?

There are plenty of potential health issues that could be involved within a plumbing repair scenario, including things like health-compromised people needing water or sewage odors emanating throughout the property.

If your water access is completely diminished due to your ongoing plumbing problem, or your water heater is completely malfunctioning, then there are extenuating circumstances in which you can consider these types of problems as a plumbing emergency.

Is it possible for you to temporarily do without the plumbing fixture that’s experiencing a problem?

If it’s just an inconvenience, your clogged sink or malfunctioning toilet can be considered out or order until you can call us up and schedule an appointment with one of our plumbing experts.

However, we completely understand when a plumbing fixture is essential to a home’s overall functionality, and we’ll always be there for you when you truly need your fixtures addressed immediately.

Do you believe a pipe has burst within your home?

Pipe bursts are an all-too-common plumbing problem in Northern Utah, and this is partly because they can potentially release a seemingly limitless amount of water within a property and cause structural damages.

When a burst pipe causes a situation in which you can’t stop the water supply to the pipe or your main water line, then this is when you undoubtedly need to reach out to an emergency plumbing specialist.

Do you smell any gassy odors coming from your home’s water heater?

Gas smells just so happen to be one of the most dangerous side effects of a serious plumbing problem, and it requires immediate attention from an industry expert with many years of experience.

It’s potentially possible for a water heater to explode when relief valves become broken or when your water pressure becomes abnormally too high. In these types of situations, you’re always going to need to call in for immediate professional help.

Are you experiencing a leak from your water heater?

This is another unfortunate scenario that we experience via our water heater repairs, but water heater leaks aren’t always an emergency scenario that require a professional to come to your home immediately.

What you can generally do in these scenarios is turn off the power to your entire water heater, as well as completely shut off the unit’s water supply. If you can do a DIY tank drain, that’s great, but if not then it’s not something you should worry about.

Calling in our professionals and scheduling a repair appointment will still get your water heater back to normal again in a very efficient manner!

Beehive Plumbing Is Committed To Resolving Your Emergency Plumbing Problems And Other Plumbing Repairs With Same Day Services!

It’s important to understand when you’re in fact experiencing a true plumbing emergency, or when you’re going through a routine plumbing problem. Saving anxiety and money is something that we’re always willing to support you with, even when you reach out to us for emergency services.

Beehive Plumbing is always ready to help you determine whether or not your ongoing issues require immediate attention, or when you’ll likely be better off scheduling a more convenient appointment time. Contact us online or call us at 801-661-8155 to get in touch with our emergency specialists today!

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