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Do You Need To Replace Your Property’s Main Water Line?

It’s always stressful when you need a water main replacement, but the Beehive Plumbing team is here to make things easier on you and your property!

Water Main Repair & Replacement - Beehive Plumbing Salt Lake City

A lot of residential homeowners don’t realize this, but your main water line is actually one of the most critical components of your entire plumbing system. This is mainly because this water line will undergo constant usage while water is carried into your home, so serious disruptions can present themselves rather quickly as problems develop.

When a home is in need of a water main replacement, your biggest concerns will always be eliminating the risk of health hazards and structural damage. One of the biggest obstacles associated with this type of plumbing service is that your main water line is always going to be deeply buried underneath the ground, which makes it difficult for homeowners to regularly assess the line’s condition.

The good news is that the Master Plumbers at Beehive Plumbing are equipped with all of the most cutting-edge plumbing technology, including our pipe inspection cameras that will provide an in-depth look into your water line when you notice something is up. Below we’ll be going over some of the warning signs that homeowners should be on the lookout for when it comes to water main repairs and replacements!

How You Can Recognize When You Have A Break In Your Main Water Line

One of the silver linings associated with water main issues is that these problems generally present themselves pretty apparently. This means that most homeowners will be able to recognize when something is wrong within their plumbing system in these situations, and some of the most common indications for water line issues include the following:

  • Significant decreases in water pressure: Because your main water line is the pipe that brings your home’s water supply into your plumbing system, any clogs or breaks will result in dramatic decreases in the overall amount of water that comes through faucets and other fixtures. When water pressure decreases are occurring all throughout your home, it’s a clear sign that something is wrong with your property’s supply line.
  • Increased water bills: Minor leaks in your water line may not necessarily impact your home’s overall water pressure, but it will continue to run and waste a ton of water. This will present itself in higher monthly utility bills, and unexpected increases in your bill can be a warning sign that something serious is occurring.
  • Pools of moisture within your yard: This can include things like rich patches of grass or random wet patches in your yard, and when you smell foul odors in your yard during these scenarios then it’s likely you’ll need a sewer line repair. When you don’t experience smells, then it’s likely that you’re experiencing a main water line leak.
  • Water contamination: When your water line becomes cracked or broken, it’ll lead to debris and dirt flowing into your home’s water supply. This can lead to toxic chemicals and bacteria posing serious health risks to your entire household. So if you notice your water appearing cloudy, smelling strange or having a grainy texture, then it’s possible that you’re experiencing an issue with your main water line.

So What Happens When Your Water Line Is Broken?

Once our team of specialists has thoroughly diagnosed your main water line, we’ll then help you decided whether or not you should repair or replace your water line. It’s likely that if your home is older, it’ll be more cost-effective to invest in a new water line altogether.

The good news is that the Beehive Plumbing team will utilize trenchless plumbing technology that will ensure your water main replacement is as cost-effective as possible. Our pipe lining technology is some of the best in the entire industry that features an epoxy-based resin that solidifies your water main’s usability.

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Beehive Plumbing has supported many different businesses and residential properties throughout Northern Utah when water main replacements are needed, and we understand that you only want to put your trust in experienced specialists when your property is in need of such serious plumbing repairs.

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