Do’s And Don’ts For Your Residential Plumbing System

Here are some tips to support your residential plumbing system from our Master Plumbers!

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All of us at Beehive Plumbing understand just how hard it is to be a property owner, and how difficult it can be to simply remember everything you should and shouldn’t do on a regular basis.

Our Master Plumbers are experienced experts when it comes to managing and optimizing residential plumbing systems, and we want to spread our knowledge to everyone throughout Northern Utah when it comes to plumbing upkeep. So what we’ve done is compile a list of do’s and don’ts oriented around your kitchen sink drains, toilets, and general plumbing, and going through this list can help save you on all sorts of plumbing repairs and even replacements.

So check out the below plumbing tips straight from our experienced Master Plumbers:

Kitchen Sink Drains

We all use our kitchen sink drains on a daily basis for washing dishes, food, our hands and collecting drinking water. There’s no denying that your kitchen sink is a major part of your home’s plumbing system, and avoiding a sink plumbing repair is always in a homeowner’s best interest.

Below are some of the do’s and don’ts oriented around your kitchen sink drains that you should know about:


  • DO make sure you’re putting as much grease and food debris in your trash can.
  • DO use a paper towel to absorb grease, and properly dispose of the grease in your trash can prior to washing dishes.
  • DO always run water while you’re using the disposal, and only let small bits of food debris go down your disposal at a time.


  • DON’T put greases, fats or oils down your drain, even when you’re simultaneously running hot water. Kitchen sink drain lines usually get clogged by grease and other unnecessary debris.
  • DON’T put a lot of food down your garbage disposal.
  • DON’T put any kind of fibrous food down your garbage disposal, including onions, celery and other types of peelings.
  • DON’T put any starches down your garbage disposal, including pasta or rice.


Another common residential plumbing appliance that many households have trouble with is their toilet, and of course we all need our toilets to remain fully functional in order to avoid any toilet repairs.

Toilet repairs are often very messy, unhygienic scenarios that are best to be avoided at all costs, so keep the following DON’TS in mind about your home’s toilets:


  • DON’T flush any kind of wipes down your toilet, even if the wipes are marketed as ‘flushable’. Many types of pipes simply can’t carry flushable wipes, and this is partly because of the piping material.
  • DON’T flush any kind of feminine products down your toilet.
  • DON’T flush foreign objects of any kind.

General Plumbing

The following are some do’s and don’ts oriented around the rest of your residential plumbing system:


  • DON’T wait to fix lingering issues, because this will typically end up resulting in much more comprehensive and expensive problems.


  • DO be proactive in protecting your plumbing system and appliances. Be sure to report issues as you first recognize them to our experts, because this can help you ensure that your problem doesn’t end up resulting in damages.
  • DO maintain your older plumbing fixtures, and replace them when necessary to avoid potential property damage.
  • DO reach out to the Master Plumbers at Beehive Plumbing when you’re in any need of residential plumbing assistance.

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