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Here’s How to Use a Bidet and Why It’s Worth Getting

Bidets are often considered an added luxury for many homeowners. Yet, more people are choosing to install these plumbing fixtures in their bathrooms. Bidets and bidet attachments are seeing an increase in sales of about 30 to 40% in America. 

The bidet helps to enhance any bathroom space. It does this by providing greater comfort, cleanliness, and convenience. It’s also a great eco-friendly option to bring into your home.  

So, should you add a bidet to your bathroom? Read on to learn more about how to use a bidet and what benefits it offers.  

What Is a Bidet? 

You can find these fixtures in bathrooms all over the world, yet they are somewhat newer in America. A bidet toilet helps you to better wash your genitalia after going to the bathroom. It does this using a small spray of warm water. 

There two main types of bidets to consider for your bathroom. One works as a separate standalone piece that is placed next to the toilet. The other style attaches right to your toilet.

A standalone bidet is made from porcelain and mounts right to the bathroom floor. It uses separate plumbing, which is easy for a plumber to install.

A built-in bidet operates from the toilet’s rim. This style connects right to your floor’s existing water pipe.  

Some newer bidet models have extra features and controls. This requires them to also connect to an electrical outlet. Bidets are available from top brands like Standard, Moen, and Kohler.   

How to Use a Bidet?

With a separate standalone bidet, you first go to the bathroom in the toilet. Then use the bidet to rinse off. You do not go to the bathroom in a standalone bidet. 

Many of these bidets will have both a cold and hot water knob. This allows you to select the perfect temperature.

It’s easier to sit or squat facing the front of the bidet in a straddle position. This gives you better access to the water controls. 

Turn on the water stream so it sprays the desired area to be cleaned. In certain models, you may also be able to control the water intensity or pressure. 

Some older bidet models may not have a jet to spray upward. In this case, the water fills the bowl of the basin. Then you manually clean yourself while squatting over the filled bowl. 

A built-in toilet seat bidet often has it’s own set of electronic controls. After going to the bathroom, activate the “wash” feature.

Most controls have a “stop” button to press once you are done. This will then turn the water stream off. Some models also have front and rear wash controls. 

Some electronic bidets also have a dryer feature. Yet, it’s normal to use a small amount of toilet paper afterward to dry yourself. These bidets also boast features like heated seats.   

For built-in bidets without electronics, there will likely be a lever on the toilet. This allows you to manually turn it on and off to control the water flow.  

The Benefits of Adding a Bidet to Your Bathroom

There a few major bidet benefits when adding this fixture into your bathroom.  

Enhanced Hygiene

Bidets are better at removing residue, bacteria, and germs than toilet paper alone. This can lower the risk of infections that can occur from improper wiping. Bidets also help to reduce skin irritation and odor after going to the bathroom. 

Hands-free bidets help control the spread of germs as well. This is especially true for those who may forget to wash their hands after using the restroom. 

Less Waste

In America, the average person uses 3 rolls of toilet paper per week. This has a huge impact on our global forest population.

Bidets allow you to use much less toilet paper. This answers the question of, is a bidet worth it? Bidets are better for both your household and the environment.

You’ll also be able to cut down on toilet paper costs for your family. Water-saving toilets are another smart way to help the environment. They also work to reduce your water consumption and utility bills.     

Fewer Clogs

Clogs are common toilet plumbing problems that occur in your home. They often happen when too much toilet paper gets flushed at a time.

With less toilet paper usage, your toilet is less likely to become clogged. This means bidets are also better for your plumbing system. 

Healthier for Your Skin

Toilet paper is made using synthetic chemicals, including dyes and perfumes. By using less toilet paper you’re keeping your skin safe from these ingredients.

Toilet paper manufacturers also use a bleaching process. This involves using chlorine to make the paper white-colored. Limiting the exposure to these products is best for your skin health. 

More Comfort After Childbirth or Surgery

Many new moms prefer using a bidet after birthing a child. It offers an easier and more comfortable way to go to the bathroom.

Bidets are much more gentle on sensitive skin than wiping. Bidets are also helpful with hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

They offer a better bathroom experience for those recovering from surgery or sickness. People with irritable bowel syndrome can also benefit from owning a bidet. 

Bringing a Bidet Into Your Bathroom   

Now you’re an expert on how to use a bidet and how it can benefit your home. The style of bidet you choose will depend on your lifestyle needs. 

Standalone bidets are timeless and add an air of elegance to your bathroom. Built-in models save on space in your bathroom and offer innovative features. 

Beehive Plumbing is skilled in bidet installation, repair, and replacement. Learn more about their professional bidet services for enhancing your bathroom. 

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