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Potential Plumbing Dangers of Hard Water That Northern Utah Households Should Know About!

Hard water poses many issues for Northern Utah households, including some serious plumbing dangers that you should know about!

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If you’ve ever noticed calcium stains and other mineral deposits on your plumbing fixtures and water appliances, then this is a troubling sign that your home is experiencing hard water issues. Hard water can be very detrimental to your plumbing appliances, but it can also legitimately impact your overall quality of life as well.

A lot of Northern Utah households understand that we all deal with regional hard water issues due to the quality of our municipal water supplies, but many people remain confused about why hard water is so bad. This is why Beehive Plumbing is here to answer these types of concerns about hard water by thoroughly going over the potential dangers posed by it.

We’re always here to help resolve your plumbing problems as efficiently as possible, and below are some of the potential plumbing dangers of hard water that you should know about!

Why Is Hard Water So Bad For My Home’s Plumbing System?

A lot of people aren’t sure whether or not hard water is harmful for themselves and their plumbing system, and the undeniable truth is that it is harmful in many different ways. Hard water is known to damage a home’s plumbing appliances, faucets, pipes and household products.

Hard water is also known for negatively impacting an individual’s skin, hair and overall health, and below are some of the important reasons why hard water is bad for your plumbing system:

Clogged Pipes

Hard water can many times lead to seriously clogged pipes, and this type of scenario will often initially be low water pressure signs that then lead to complex sewage backups and residential floods.

This type of drastic plumbing repair of course will require expert cleanup services, but it’s best to recognize why your pipes are clogging and invest in routine drain cleaning services on at least a yearly basis.

Rust Issues & Stains

When you recognize a rusty ring inside your toilet, it’s an indication that your water supply is high in iron and other hard minerals. Rust stains and subsequent issues are a common issue posed by hard water, and this toilet and faucet symptom can also indicate that your pipes are rusting as well.

You should never let rust be the demise of your home’s plumbing fixtures, and sometimes this requires households to address their hard water issues!

Skin Irritation & Dull Hair

Many people aren’t sure whether or not hard water is bad for hair and skin, and the answer is unfortunately yes. Because hard water is full of many different minerals, it creates a layer of soap scum that sticks to your skin. This layer of soap scum then leads to things like severe dryness, overall discomfort, and even eczema flare-ups.

Hard water is also known to make an individual’s hair dull, which takes away from your natural shine.

Deteriorating Appliances

Many of your home’s water appliances are extremely prone to malfunctioning and full-on breakdowns due to long-term scale buildup. Sediment found within hard water supplies can ultimately impact an appliance’s efficiency, performance and overall longevity.

Some common appliances that are particularly at risk from hard water are your dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines and water kettles.

Bad Tasting Water

Hard water isn’t necessarily unsafe to drink, partly because the magnesium and calcium deposits commonly found within hard water supplies can actually be good for individuals that lack these minerals on a daily basis.

But there’s absolutely no denying that these minerals will impact the overall taste of your home’s water. Many Northern Utah households will report metallic tastes in their water to our specialists, and this is a common sign that your water supply is much too high in iron. When your water smells bad, then it’s possible that you’re experiencing bacteria buildup within your water supply. And when your water tastes really bad, it’s possible that sediment buildup and algae are to blame.

Soap Scum Issues

If you’re noticing soap scum accumulating throughout your bathrooms and plumbing fixtures, it could be due to hard water. Hard water is also known for leaving spots on kitchenware.

This is mainly due to soap scum buildup, and these soap remnants are dangerous because they can potentially lead to a microbial biofilm development that allows bacteria to spread and thrive.

Dirty Clothes

Washing machines are often impacted by hard water, and this subsequently means that your clothes are impacted by hard water as well. Hard water will make it much more difficult for detergents to do their thing and thoroughly wash away clothing dirt, and it often makes it more difficult to get rid of excessive soap.

This then leads to clothes remaining dirty once they’re dry.

Other Health Risks

Although it’s commonly known that hard water isn’t bad for human consumption, more prolonged studies are beginning to prove that there are health risks associated with long-term hard water consumption. Health issues like hypocalcaemia, renal insufficiency and metabolic alkalosis are some side effects associated with prolonged hard water consumption.

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