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Pros And Cons Of Blue Water Toilet Tablets

The Beehive Plumbing team is here to help you better understand the functionality of blue toilet tablets, and when it may be time for toilet repairs!

toilet repair is costly!

When a home or business property’s toilet water ends up turning blue, this is more than likely due to the usage of a blue water toilet tablet. These tablets are a common way to clean out toilet bowls, and they just so happen to be used in countless grocery stores, discount stores and other commercial plumbing situations.

If your toilet water ends up turning blue without the use of a tablet, then it’s a clear sign that you’re going to need a toilet repair from the Master Plumbers at Beehive Plumbing.

What we’ve done within this article is provide a comprehensive overview explaining the pros and cons of blue water toilet tablets, which can help you better understand if these tablets are safe for your plumbing system. We’ll also let you in on some tips to keep in mind just in case any of your pets decide to take a taste of this blue water!

Pros Of Blue Water Toilet Tablets

One of the main reasons why blue water toilet tablets are top-rated is due to their unique appearance, and the simple fact that they smell nice.

Blue water toilet tablets will provide an added amount of convenience for any property when it comes to regular toilet cleaning and upkeep, because they’ll do a lot of necessary cleaning for you so you don’t have to continuously utilize a toilet brush or cleaning spray.

All you have to do with these tablets is drop them within your toilet tank, and then let the magic happen! If your toilet water remains blue, then you can be rest assured that the tablets are still working.

Blue water toilet tablets are very convenient and provide property owners with some added peace of mind, but unfortunately that’s where the benefits end!

Cons Of Blue Water Toilet Tablets

The biggest issue is that blue water toilet tablets end up being terrible for your plumbing system. Just about every plumber throughout the entire industry will advise against the use of these tablets!

If you are the type of person that doesn’t want to clean out the inner guts of your toilet tank on a regular basis (which includes pretty much everyone), then it’s best to avoid using blue water toilet tablets. These tablets can wreck havoc when it comes to your toilet’s flush valve and tank guts, and many of our commercial toilet repair services are oriented around fixing the issues posed by these tablets.

Blue water toilet tablets are also seriously detrimental to the environment. The vast majority of these tablets contain high amounts of chlorine, which is a harmful chemical for Northern Utah’s fragile ecosystem. Although chlorine is a useful chemical for many purposes, it’s unnecessary within a toilet tank.

And what’s worse is that chlorine is just one of the many harmful chemicals found within these tablets!

What You Should Do When Your Pet Drinks The Blue Water

Having pets may be one of the biggest reasons why you should avoid blue water toilet tablets. Although it’s never good for your dog to drink from your toilet, we all know that mistakes happen and that it’s sometimes inevitable.

This typically wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but it is a big deal when a dog drinks blue toilet water. This is because this water can end up being toxic for pets!

Even though the water is usually diluted enough to not pose any serious health effects, why would you want to risk these issues as a pet owner?

Consider Some Alternatives

The easiest and best alternative to these chemical toilet cleaners is to simply scrub your toilet bowl on a weekly basis with your brush. There are also many different over-the-counter sprays that will kill bacteria and viruses that you can wipe your toilet with as well.

There are also many eco-friendly cleaning agents that will work well for your toilet cleaning and won’t harm the environment.

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