Residential Plumbing Industry Trends That’ll Stand Out During 2024!

There are many upcoming residential plumbing trends that northern Utah property owners should prepare for!

residential plumbing is a big part of what we do at Beehive Plumbing in Northern Utah

Tech innovations are changing many industries in 2023, including the local plumbing industry here in northern Utah. Home and business owners in our region are continuously investing in cutting-edge plumbing solutions that improve sustainability, water conservation, and overall efficiency.

2024 is poised to be a year in which countless property owners make eco-friendly renovations and take advantage of new rebate programs. The Beehive Plumbing team is here to help you stay informed about what the best direction is for you and your plumbing upgrades.

Below are some of the residential plumbing trends that’ll stand out throughout 2024, which you can benefit from!

Smart Home Plumbing Features

There’s no denying how homeowners throughout Salt Lake City and the entire northern Utah region are making the switch to smart home solutions, which are known throughout the home improvement industry for making life more efficient in countless different ways.

What’s great about 2024’s trends is that smart home plumbing features are going to be a little less out-of-reach for the average homeowner, and more people will be able to afford these installations. Industry research has recently proven the many American households are investing in touchless technology, which is largely meant to improve convenience and hygiene.

Bidets, automatic flushing, heated toilet seats, and touchless faucets are all hot plumbing trends that are gaining traction going into the new year. And even though many of these smart home plumbing features are generally more expensive as compared to their more conventional counterparts, homeowners are more than willing to pay extra up-front in order to save in the long run.

Smart home systems make it much easier for homeowners to track their overall water usage, which allows families to understand their environmental impact and make efficiency changes.

Intelligent leak detection systems are also likely going to grow in popularity throughout 2024. Northern Utah homeowners will soon realize just how priceless these detection systems are in terms of avoiding water damage and how much peace of mind they provide!

Voice activation is also an up-and-coming plumbing trend, which can allow you to control your fixtures without doing any manual effort. This can make household chores like laundry and dishwashing a lot easier and more convenient.

Smart showers are also becoming increasingly popular throughout our region, and our remodel plumbing experts are here to answer your questions when you’re interested in learning more about all of these installation investments!

Eco-Friendly Plumbing Solutions & Fixtures

Many home and business owners throughout northern Utah are making the switch to plumbing fixtures that do a better job at conserving water, which is an easy way to be eco-conscious while also lowering your monthly utility bills.

More property owners than ever before are opting for tankless water heaters, which do a wonderful job at conserving energy and time as compared to traditional water heater units. Smart water heaters are also increasingly in demand, and this is because they provide hot water on-demand. This means that they’ll turn on when water is needed, and off when water isn’t needed. Smart water heaters can also learn your household’s water consumption habits, which allows you to ultimately save hundreds of dollars each year and prevent a ton of wasted water.

Countless homeowners throughout northern Utah have also reached out to us to learn more about how they can minimize their lawn irrigation system’s water usage. These eco-friendly strategies include timed irrigation, or installing artificial turf or desert landscaping.

Greywater systems will also be an industry trend in 2024, and these systems are unique because they recycle slightly used household water for things like toilet flushing and irrigation. This is another vital industry trend to help property owners conserve our region’s beautiful nature via reduced water waste.

Green Plumbing Certifications

Countless manufacturing companies throughout the United States and abroad are developing and selling eco-friendly plumbing fixtures that come with green certifications. Dishwashers and washing machines will now increasingly be valued based on their water-saving capabilities, and green plumbing certifications are ultimately going to increase the overall attractiveness of certain items for consumers.

And as municipalities throughout northern Utah begin to enforce green building codes, it’ll be more important than ever to hire our seasoned plumbers who are familiar with these ever-changing regulations and requirements.

Copper Pipe Replacements

Copper is a very popular piping material here in northern Utah, but material costs are consistently increasing, which makes copper less viable for large-scale renovations. These increased costs are causing people to search for piping alternatives, and more plumbing companies will encourage property owners toward affordable piping solutions that don’t jeopardize efficiency or durability.

Some of the most common replacements for copper pipes are PVC and PEX pipes. PEX pipes are made of cross-linked polyethylene, and they’re very flexible. This makes PEX pipes a good option for tighter spaces within a home’s architectural parameters.

PVC pipes are made from polyvinyl chloride, and they’re known for corrosion resistance and incredible durability. Plumbers will utilize PVC pipes for all sorts of purposes, including irrigation, sewer systems, drainage, vents, and much more.

Plumbing Skills Shortage

As more home and business owners learn about the many tech advancements permeating throughout the plumbing industry, the overall demand for skilled labor will inevitably increase. Northern Utah residents are now straying away from plumbers without continuing education and other industry certifications, and they’re instead hiring trained specialists who have years of experience handling similar projects based on their unique needs.

This will put an added emphasis on plumbing companies to employ skilled technicians with a track record for delivering top-quality results for the most tech-savvy projects.

No one wants to risk damaging their plumbing system by investing in state-of-the-art technology that’s installed by inexperienced plumbers. This is why many self-trained plumbers will experience a reduced market as property owners and renters continue to search for certified and licensed experts like our Master Plumbers.

You Can Count On Us To Handle Your Plumbing Needs In 2024!

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Our skilled specialists are consistently increasing their knowledge oriented around installing and repairing the most cutting-edge plumbing fixtures and systems, and we’re here to help you implement all sorts of improvements with your property’s plumbing system in 2024.

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