The Hard Truth About Salt Lake City Water Quality & How Water Softeners Can Help!

Salt Lake City is known for having hard water, which is why countless properties install water softeners to ensure their water quality Salt Lake City is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States as of 2023, and countless people keep flocking to northern Utah for our world-class skiing, beautiful mountains and countless […]

Telltale Signs That Your Northern Utah Home Needs A Water Softener!

A lot of homes in Northern Utah require a water softener, and here are some signs to let you know when you need one! Northern Utah just so happens to be one of the regions in the United States that suffers the most from hard water, but it’s sometimes hard to grasp how a liquid […]

Comparing Electric & Non-Electric Water Softeners: Which Is Right For Your Northern Utah Home?

Water softeners are essential in Northern Utah, so it’s important for households to understand the differences between electric and non-electric units! The ‘hard truth’ that Northern Utah households need to come to terms with is that your property’s water supply is going to be hard if you don’t have a water softener installed within your […]

Comparing Electric And Non-Electric Water Softeners

Water softeners are necessary in Northern Utah, so here’s some added information about which water softener is right for your property! Northern Utah is one of the worst areas in the United States when it comes to hard water, which is why water softener installations are so important for homes and businesses throughout our community. […]

Comparing The Differences Between Whole-House Filtration Systems And Water Softeners

Understanding the differences between water softeners and filtration systems can be a lot easier said than done, so we’re here to help! Many home and business owners throughout Northern Utah have come to terms with the reality that we simply don’t always have the best quality tap water in this area of the state. This […]

Can Hard Water Within Your Commercial Plumbing Be Bad For Your Business?

Hard water can degrade commercial plumbing systems without you even being aware of the growing issues! Hard water is a common issue throughout all of Northern Utah, and it just so happens to be a major commercial plumbing issue for countless businesses throughout the Salt Lake City Metro Area. What’s particularly alarming about hard water […]

Debunking 6 Myths About Water Softeners

A lot of Utah homeowners are confused about water softeners, so we’re clearing the air when it comes to certain myths you should know about! It’s likely that you’ve considered purchasing water softeners but were then turned off by something you read online, but it’s important for home and business owners to understand how a […]

4 Advantages of Soft Water

Opting for soft water services can have a big impact on the quality of your home and your health. Here are some key advantages. Better Plumbing  Hard water contains a high concentration of minerals, namely calcium and magnesium. This causes a lot of deposit buildup over time, which is dangerous for your plumbing system. Clogs […]

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers About Water Softeners

Have you thought about getting a water softener for your home? In most cities in Utah, the natural water supply is filled with minerals that make water “hard”. They usually don’t cause much of an issue with how your water tastes, but they can wreak havoc on your appliances and pipes. Getting a water softener […]