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Tips To Get Your Plumbing System Ready For Summer

The summer months are a great time for Northern Utah homeowners to take a closer look at their plumbing system!

plumbing repairs in the summertime are crucial for your plumbing system

Home and business owners should never neglect their plumbing maintenance, and this is mainly because you’ll likely save a ton of money and time when you ensure the functionality of your plumbing system on a regular basis. A lot of people will consider quick fixes when they’re actually experiencing plumbing repairs, but this many times only makes matters worse.

The summer months are a great time for all sorts of home improvement projects in Northern Utah, and it’s also a great time of the year for plumbing upkeep. Many people in Utah experience plumbing issues during the warmest months because they weren’t fully prepared for potential summer impacts on their plumbing system, so below we’ll be providing some tips to help you get your home ready for summer!

Common Plumbing Problems That Occur In The Summer

Many residential plumbing systems experience issues during the summer due to increased showering, laundry work, and many other everyday tendencies that occur when the weather is warm.

Summertime also just so happens to be an optimal time to repair, inspect and upgrade plumbing pipes and other lingering issues occurring throughout your home. Some of the most common summer plumbing problems that you should be on the lookout for include:

  • Clogs
  • Leaky faucets
  • Washing machine issues
  • Sump pump problems
  • Shower drain clogs

Tips To Help You Prepare Your Plumbing System For Summer

We all like to enjoy our backyards and host guests at our homes during the summer months, and these types of activities can many times take a toll on plumbing systems if they haven’t been properly maintained.

Below are a few summer plumbing tips to keep in mind to help you be more prepared for the warmer months ahead:

Check Up On Your Sprinkler System

Sprinkler systems are always very convenient when it comes to watering your home’s lawn, plants and trees, but you should always check your sprinkler heads before turning them back on for the first time each summer.

Another important sprinkler tip is to establish a cohesive radius that makes sense when you only need to water specific areas on your property. This goes a long way to help save water from being wasted.

Thoroughly Inspecting Your Indoor Plumbing

A lot of people focus on their home’s exterior during the summer months, but this can sometimes lead to neglecting their indoor plumbing. Your indoor plumbing system is going to be handling the brunt of the load when it comes to washing dishes and hosting guests, so it’s important to inspect your home’s plumbing system prior to planning any household events.

This includes keeping tabs on your garbage disposal and what goes down your drains, getting your toilets and pipes inspected by experienced professionals, and ensuring that your showers are ready for multiple guests and simultaneous usage.

Closely Examining Your Sewer Lines

Many older sewer lines throughout Northern Utah experience issues during the summer months due to rainstorms and other backup scenarios. This is why it’s really important to keep your sewer lines in mind while you’re preparing your plumbing system for summertime.

Water Heater Maintenance

Although it may seem like a household would use more warm water during the winter months, it’s still likely that you’ll need an ample amount of hot water on a daily basis when the weather is warm in Northern Utah. This is partly because your family will be showering more often and hosting more guests.

Ensuring the integrity of your water heater is important even during this time of year, partly because you can better avoid sediment accumulation when an experienced specialist checks things out for you!

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