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What Are The Three Stages of New Construction Plumbing?

New construction plumbing is very complex, so here’s a brief overview detailing the three stages involved with these plumbing projects!

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When it comes to the overall functionality of any residential home in Northern Utah, new construction plumbing plays a major role in ensuring a property’s overall longevity and success. Without perfect plumbing within a building’s foundational infrastructure, there wouldn’t be any kind of proper functionality in terms of drainage, sewage, water heating and other everyday elements we often take for granted.

The overall importance of a home’s plumbing system is why new construction plumbing is such a vital part of any major home improvement project, and teaming up with experienced specialists is vital due to the severe ramifications of any minor missteps.

Below we’ll be detailing why proper plumbing installations are so important, and what you should know about the three stages of new construction plumbing:

Why Proper Plumbing System Installations Are So Important

We’ve all heard about countless people who are “DIY homeowners”, and DIY home improvement projects have certainly grown in popularity throughout recent years for a variety of valid reasons.

But as much as you may love DIY home improvement, you’re always going to be much better off when you leave your home’s plumbing to professional experts that have decades of experience within the industry. You’re never going to want to jeopardize the overall quality of your home’s plumbing, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get informed about installations and other repairs that may come up later once your new construction plumbing has been professionally installed.

Below we’re breaking down the three main stages associated with new construction plumbing so you can know what the Beehive Team will be doing when you invest in us with your next major project:

Stage #1: Rough-In Phase (Underground)

Before any kind of plumbing installations can take place, the entire home will need to have their basement foundation established, and once this foundation is set, the rough-in plumbing installation phase can take place.

This phase entails a plumbing team identifying where a plumbing system’s connections will end up being. This then helps construction crews know where certain pipes and plumbing lines will enter and exit a home.

After establishing these supply/waste connection locations, the plumbing team will then begin installing a meter and main water line.

Stage #2: Rough-In Phase (Aboveground)

After finalizing Stage #1, it’ll then be time to initiate the installations of the rest of the plumbing system’s most vital parts. This includes things like vent pipes, drains, and the home’s complex water line system. This will also include all connections associated with showers, toilets, bathtubs, and any other plumbing utility that requires drainage.

This stage of the new construction plumbing process is undoubtedly the messiest, and homeowners should expect hole-making within floorings, ceilings and walls for pipe installations. This phase will also entail all gas line installations as well.

Stage #3: Finalizing Phase

Once your running pipe lines are properly connected and installed, your plumbing team will then finalize the new construction process by attaching showerheads, sinks, water heaters, dishwashers and other plumbing appliances.

Plumbers will also do quality control tests to ensure that the plumbing system is running at an optimal performance level, which includes looking out for water pressure issues and potential leaks.

Plumbing System Installations Undoubtedly Require Expertise

The bottom line when it comes to new construction plumbing is that you’re going to want to put your trust in an experienced team of specialists that have the technical skills to ensure that your construction project goes as smoothly as possible.

This is why new construction plumbing installations are never a logical DIY project, because you’ll need to ensure the full functionality of your home for decades to come during these crucial stages!

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