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What Can A Pipe Inspection Camera Find?

Pipe inspection cameras are valuable tech devices for everyone’s plumbing system, and they can pinpoint a whole array of troubling issues!

A pipe inspection camera is a very useful tool that Beehive Plumbing uses throughout Northern Utah for sewer line repairs

It’s always incredibly frustrating when you need to deal with sewer issues at your home or business, and many causes of sewer problems are hard for property owners to pinpoint.

This is why it’s so important to invest in our pipe inspection camera services when you aren’t exactly sure what’s causing your plumbing problems, and our experienced specialists will be more than capable of identifying the root cause of what’s going wrong within your system.

Below we’ll be detailing some of the common things that a pipe inspection camera can find!

Common Things That Pipe Inspection Cameras Can Find In Your Plumbing System

Pipe inspection cameras have been one of the most convenient and effective ways to pinpoint issues within a property’s plumbing system for many years, and the Beehive experts use video inspection technology all the time when it’s difficult to understand what exactly is happening within a specific line.v

Below are some of the most common plumbing problems that pipe inspection cameras detect:

Sagging Pipes

Problematic sags and bellies can develop when a sewer pipes starts to sink below the ground, and these sags often accumulate debris dirt and other waste that lead to persistent blockages. And even worse, when a pipe’s seal becomes too loose, it can lead to waste leakage and all sorts of underground problems.

Many metal sewer pipes can also degrade and corrode, which leads to rather serious issues that need to be addressed as quickly as possible. Through a pipe inspection camera appointment, our Master Plumbers can precisely pinpoint the problematic area of your pipe and diagnose what’s happening. This helps us to quickly and accurately address your needs!

Sagging Sewer Line

When your sewer lines are sagging, it can lead to wastewater accumulation, frequent clogs and blockages.

Pipe inspection cameras will be able to show exactly where sewer line sagging is occurring, which helps plumbing teams know exactly where they need to make repairs. Locating sewer line sags also helps us repair these unfortunate issues before it gets much worse and causes your pipe to collapse!

Pipe Damage

Sewer pipes are actually capable of moving underground as the earth below the pipe begins to shift. This type of underground shifting can result in a pipe developing small cracks, which eventually can lead to collapses.

When your pipes become damaged, it’ll likely lead to all sorts of plumbing issues. These plumbing problems can sometimes even be dangerous, which is why pipe repair warning signs are so important to be on the lookout for.

And what’s worse, when you neglect damaged pipes you can actually put your household or business at risk of consuming sewage-contaminated waters. This of course is incredibly dangerous and can even lead to diseases, so you should never neglect damaged pipes and have plumbers come check things out with pipe inspection cameras!

Serious Blockages

It’s always important to remain mindful of what exactly goes down your pipes when you’re trying to prevent serious blockages within your plumbing system. There are many causes of blockages, and when a bad one occurs, it’s difficult to get rid of unless you get professional support.

Pipe inspection cameras will help you figure out where your blockage is occurring within your line, and give our experts the information they need to implement the proper drain cleaning solutions.

Tree Root Infiltration

Many properties with a lot of trees experience plumbing problems, and this is because roots will continuously grow towards underground water sources. When your pipes do experience tree root infiltration, it can lead to serious damage and blockages.

But the good news is that pipe inspection cameras can show plumbers what exactly is occurring and ultimately let you know where your tree root infiltration is happening. And what’s even better is that once this infiltration is spotted, our experts can make the proper repairs without needing to dig up your lawn through our pipe lining technology!

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