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What To Expect From A Professional Plumbing Inspection

Professional plumbing inspections are often necessary, so here’s what you can expect from us when we conduct your inspection!

plumbing specialists can help you in going over plumbing maintenance checklists

If your northern Utah home is currently experiencing plumbing issues of some kind, it’s likely that you’re going to need a thorough plumbing inspection to verify what exactly is occurring.

Professional plumbing inspections are something that every homeowner should invest in on a yearly basis, but of course not everyone does so. Plumbing inspections help answer pressing questions and concerns, and they help homeowners better understand what their best plumbing solutions are.

Below we’ll be delving deeper into what you can expect from a professional plumbing inspection!

The Main Purposes of a Professional Plumbing Inspection

People need plumbing services for all sorts of different reasons, and one common need for plumbing services involves preventative maintenance. Plumbing inspections are often associated as a preventative plumbing service, and they serve three general purposes:

  • Gaining a comprehensive understanding of your current plumbing situation. Residential plumbing inspections help inform homeowners about what’s going on within their plumbing system, and you can learn so much by thoroughly assessing your system for current and potential repair needs.
  • Immediately servicing your system’s ongoing needs. Plumbing inspections are also necessary when you’re currently in need of a significant plumbing repair. You might not know where exactly a leak is originating from, or what exactly is causing your current symptoms. Many leaks originate in very inconspicuous areas, and our leak detection services can help you identify the source of the leak—as well as any other concerns.
  • Preparing for future plumbing repairs.Plumbing inspections also help homeowners plan for their future plumbing needs, because your plumber could potentially discover issues that could get worse within a matter of weeks or months. Finding these lingering issues ahead of time can go a long way to help you save money and avoid more significant plumbing repairs.

What Plumbing Inspections Typically Entail

Professional plumbers will generally go through a checklist while they’re inspecting residential properties. Some of these checklist points include evaluating:

Plumbing Fixtures

Your plumber will thoroughly inspect every plumbing fixture within your home during an inspection. This includes your showers, tubs, toilets, sinks, and much more.

When they’re inspecting your fixtures, they’ll look for signs of leaks and aging, and they’ll help verify each fixture’s overall functionality.

Supply Lines

Your plumber will also test and examine your property’s supply lines during the inspection. These supply lines are what transfer clean water to your fixtures, and they’ll need to be checked for cracks or other issues.

Sewer & Drain Lines

Plumbing inspections have to closely examine sewer and drain lines as well. Your drain lines are what carry wastewater to your main sewer line, and your main sewer line is what carries your property’s wastewater into a septic system.

This part of the inspection process will often require a pipe inspection camera that can provide plumbers with a firsthand glimpse into what’s going on deep within your plumbing system.


Your plumber is also going to closely inspect your property’s vents. Every plumbing fixture has a vent that allows sewer gases to emanate away from your home, so these vents are crucial in terms of maintaining your home’s comfort.

Water Heater Functionality

Water heater repairs are more common than most northern Utah homeowners would likely assume, which is why every plumbing inspection will entail a close look at your property’s water heater. 

If your plumber does notice a lingering issue that should be addressed, it can potentially save you a ton of money and inconveniences later on!

Water Pressure

Plumbing inspections of your residential property will also entail a water pressure test. Your plumber will need to test your water pressure for various reasons, and they’ll be able to let you know when your home is experiencing low water pressure.

Sump Pump Functionality

If your home has a sump pump, this will need to be examined during your plumbing inspections. There are a number of tests that can be conducted to verify the overall functionality of a sump pump, and you’ll want to guarantee that it’s in working order before it’s actually needed!

Common Benefits of Getting an Annual Plumbing Inspection

There are many benefits associated with getting an annual plumbing inspection at your northern Utah home, including:

  • Helping you fix unknown plumbing issues before they turn into more serious problems
  • Helping you plan for future plumbing repairs
  • Reducing your risk of experiencing a plumbing emergency
  • Reducing your overall plumbing expenses

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