Why Bidets Are Growing In Popularity, And How Our Bidet Services Can Help!

Bidets are rapidly becoming more popular throughout the United States, so here’s how our bidet services can benefit you and your home!

Beehive Plumbing's bidet services help countless homeowners with hygiene and many other benefits

Bidets have been popular bathroom fixtures all throughout Europe for a very long time, but Americans are now just starting to understand why bidets are useful plumbing fixtures in recent years.

We all remember when there was a severe toilet paper shortage at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and this moment sparked a lot of homeowners throughout Northern Utah to consider using a bidet. There truly are many important benefits associated with bidets, and the bidet services from Beehive Plumbing will help ensure that you undergo a smooth installation transition and any necessary maintenance.

The following are some of the biggest reasons why bidets are becoming more popular within households in Northern Utah, and all across the USA!

1. You’ll Get A Better Clean

We all know that unparalleled feeling of stepping out of the shower and feeling 100% clean, and it’s important for homeowners to understand that toilet paper is only going to be able to do so much for you.

On the other hand, bidets will provide a soft stream of water that thoroughly cleans off any unpleasantries. This will subsequently provide you with a much fresher feeling that you normally wouldn’t get after going to the bathroom.

2. They’re Eco-Friendly

On average, each American individually uses around 150 toilet paper rolls each and every year, and the USA contributes to around 20% of the entire world’s overall toilet paper usage. This has of course added up a great deal in recent years, and it’s simply important to understand that using toilet paper means you’re using a ton of paper just for wiping.

A roll of toilet paper also requires around 37 gallons of water to manufacture, so in the end bidets are much more environmentally friendly. You’ll end up using around an eighth of your water and paper usage when you install a bidet at your home!

3. Bidets Are Comfortable

Bidets aren’t just more efficient when it comes to your overall cleanliness and eco-conscious efforts, because they also are simply much more comfortable. These gentle streams of water are much more soothing than toilet paper textures, and even the softest of toilet papers will rely upon friction cleaning.

We all know that too much toilet paper can lead to irritation and discomfort, so choosing to upgrade your bathroom with a bidet can eliminate these issues altogether!

4. Cost-Efficiency

One important factor that bidet users should keep in mind is that they’re inevitably going to use a lot less toilet paper. When you consider just how much the average American spends on toilet paper each year, you can see how a bidet will pay for itself in just a matter of months!

5. Pandemic/Supply-Shortage Proof

If there’s one thing we learned about toilet paper since the start of the pandemic, it’s that people will hoard it when they’re panicking. Supply shortages are now becoming more frequent than ever before, so there really is no telling when a toilet paper shortage may occur again.

But when you have a bidet, you won’t be quite as affected by things like toilet paper shortages.

6. Handicap Friendly

Bidets are incredibly useful plumbing fixtures for anyone that has mobility issues, which is why they’re becoming increasingly popular in retirement communities, nursing homes, and in residential properties where elderly couples live.

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