Why Do Water Mains Need To Be Replaced?

Water main replacements are an all-too-common project in northern Utah, and here’s why they’re so important for countless homes and businesses!

water main replacement in northern Utah

Just like other parts of your home’s plumbing system, your water lines aren’t meant to last forever. A lot of homeowners throughout northern Utah are just now beginning to experience issues with their older pipes and water lines that were originally constructed a long time ago, which is why our water main replacement services have grown in popularity throughout recent years.

There are many different reasons why water mains need to be replaced, but every home is unique and subsequently requires a specific attention to detail. The Master Plumbers at Beehive Plumbing have supported countless homes and businesses in need of a new water line, and below we’ll be delving deeper in to some of the main reasons why water main replacements are so important!

Alleviating Low Water Pressure

Water pressure is vital for the functionality of any plumbing system, which is why it’s such a bummer when your property is suffering from low water pressure. This type of dilemma can impact all of your appliances and fixtures that you use on a daily basis, and here in northern Utah, sediment buildup is a major cause of low water pressure.

There are all sorts of plumbing repairs that can be sourced back to low water pressure, and in some instances, a property’s low water pressure is caused by a significant leak. When these leaks occur, it could potentially require a new water line in order to get the water pressure back to a normal functionality for your system’s long-term future.

Fixing Contaminated Water

When your water lines have become old and are beginning to deteriorate, it’s possible that you might notice warning signs associated with dirt and other debris entering your water supply.

The biggest concern with contaminated water is the likelihood of health issues, and the appearance, taste and smell of contaminated water is usually enough to incentivize immediate action. When your contaminated water is caused by pipe deterioration, it’s a sign that you may be in need of a water main replacement.

Lowering Your Utility Bills

When your monthly utility bills are unusually high, it could be due to a hidden leak that you’re unaware of. Hidden leaks are a common issue for both homes and businesses in northern Utah, and our leak detection services can help you pinpoint where exactly your system has been compromised.

However, it’s important to remember that you don’t necessarily have to re-pipe your entire property just because you have a hidden leak somewhere. When your leak is happening in your water line, your worst-case scenario could potentially be a water main replacement that ultimately helps you save money in the long run.

Addressing Mold Development

Mold development is a serious issue that unfortunately plagues countless properties throughout our region. Leaking water lines just so happen to be the perfect environment for mold and mildew to thrive. What’s even worse is that water leaks tend to go undetected for long periods of time, which allows your mold problem to become terribly difficult to remediate.

It’s crucial to get to the source of your mold growth and fix it as soon as possible in order to avoid respiratory ailments and other health issues, and thoroughly addressing a mold-contaminated water line could require a full replacement.

Unclogging Pesky Plumbing Lines

When several of your plumbing lines are clogging up on a regular basis, it could mean that you actually have a severe clog within your main water line. When this situation occurs, you’ll experience issues with just about every fixture and appliance throughout your property.

Although it’s possible to conduct water line repairs through state-of-the-art technology like pipe lining, your best strategy could be to replace your water line—or even several pipelines.

Your Water Line Is Getting Old

When your property has an outdated water line, you could put yourself in a tougher position as you put off any significant repairs.

This type of dilemma occurs all over northern Utah within older homes and commercial properties that haven’t been renovated in decades, so it’s often a good investment to preemptively replace your aging water lines before they truly become obsolete!

Tree Root Infiltration

The trees throughout our region are known for developing incredibly strong, deep root systems. This is because we’re lucky enough to have an expansive underground aquifer grid, but there are some unfortunate scenarios in which trees mistake water lines for aquifers.

When tree roots damage water lines, it can sometimes be repaired; however, it largely depends upon the extent of the damage. There are some scenarios in which your only true solution after extensive tree root damage is a full-on water main replacement.

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