Your Guide To Making The Most Out Of Your Hose Bibs

Hose bibs are really important aspects of outdoor plumbing, and we’re here to help you optimize your usage of them!

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Hose bibs, which are also referred to as spigots or outdoor faucets, are incredibly convenient for countless household tasks. This can include things like watering your yard or washing your car, and although hose bibs seem pretty straightforward, there are actually a lot of intricate parts that homeowners should understand about them.

Maximizing your hose bib usage means understanding your unique household needs, as well as what helps promote efficiency and safety. Below we’ll be providing a comprehensive guide that’ll help you make the most out of your property’s hose bibs!

What Exactly Is A Hose Bib?

Hose bibs are devices that are usually attached to hoses, and they’re incredibly important for homeowners who love enjoying their property’s outdoor areas. Hose bibs help with all sorts of outdoor plumbing activities, including gardening, plant watering, car cleaning, yard work, and a lot more.

Because these outdoor faucet systems are connected to your property’s indoor water supply, they’re exposed to the elements and experience a lot of wear and tear. This is particularly the case in a harsh climate like northern Utah, which is why local homeowners need to pay extra close attention to their hose bibs!

What Are The Different Types Of Hose Bibs?

It’s important for homeowners to familiarize themselves with the different kinds of hose bibs, and below are some of the most common types of hose bibs:

Non-Frost Free Hose Bibs

These hose bibs require a decent amount of maintenance, and they don’t make much sense for northern Utah households due to them potentially freezing up during the winter season.

Frost-Free Hose Bibs

This is a popular option here in northern Utah, because you won’t necessarily have to always drain outdoor pipes and hoses when cold spells occur. These hose bibs are very convenient in our climate and require much less maintenance.

Loose Key Hose Bibs

This hose bib has a key-like feature that allows you to turn your water flow on and off. This feature is also helpful for water conservation when the hose bib isn’t being utilized.

Common Hose Bib Issues

Below are some of the common hose bib issues that northern Utah households encounter:


Leaks are one of the most common issues that hose bibs experience, and this is troublesome because it can potentially waste a lot of water. These types of leaks typically are caused by damaged O-rings, worn-out washers, or other types of loose connections within the hose bib’s components.

Some of the most common causes of hose bib leaks include:

  • Damaged washers
  • Corroded valve seats
  • Cracked bib bodies
  • Improper installations
  • Frost
  • High water pressure

Low Water Pressure

This is another common issue that plagues outdoor hose bibs, and here in northern Utah, the main culprit of low water pressure is mineral and sediment buildup. Faulty pressure regulators are sometimes to blame for these water pressure drops, but the hard water issues in our region often contribute to hose bib dilemmas.

But the good news is that our team can help you install a water softener when you’re experiencing hard water issues like this!


Hose bibs can be particularly susceptible to issues during the cold, winter months. This is particularly the case for non-frost free hose bibs. If you don’t insulate or winterize these hose bibs, they’ll potentially freeze up and lead to pipe cracks and bursts that can wreak havoc on your entire plumbing system!


Over long periods of time, hose bibs also can become susceptible to rusting and corrosion. This is especially the case in harsh climates like northern Utah.

Corrosion can be detrimental to hose bibs in a variety of ways, and it can cause you to need to replace your hose bibs prematurely.

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