3 Ways to Reduce Water Usage

With global droughts and unpredictable weather patterns, water conservation has become one of the biggest challenges today. Conserving water is essential for ensuring a bright future, and countries around the world are striving to get their systems under control. In America, many states have recently experienced harsh droughts which forced communities to quickly change their water consumption habits. However, once the droughts had passed, many people continued to follow conservation practices without a second thought!

Simple things like not letting the faucet run while you brush your teeth can save nearly two gallons of water per minute. Plus, it can save you a tremendous amount on your next water bill! Here are three ways you can immediately reduce water usage in your home or business today!

1- Low-Flow Toilets

On average, more water is wasted in the bathroom than anywhere else in your home. While you can take shorter showers or turn off the faucet, the toilet remains the biggest waste in the room. Luckily, you can switch to a newer low-flow toilet that saves the water for you!

Most models made before 1994 continue to use three to five gallons of water per flush. To be certified as a low-flow toilet, newer models must use no more than 1.6 gallons for each flush. This means that you can save an average of 60% or more without changing your habits at all!

At Beehive Plumbing, our expert team in Utah can assess your current toilet and advise a new one that fits your needs. For saving water and significantly cutting down on your bill, a low-flow toilet continues to be one of the wisest investments today.

2- Urinals

Urinals are very helpful for businesses, and even homeowners, as they take up minimal space, reduce water usage, and ensure that customers can avoid long wait times. Unlike toilets, you can retrofit your urinal with simple upgrades that will quickly and immensely reduce water usage. While an average urinal uses one to three gallons per flush, newer models and upgrades can reduce water usage by nearly 50-90% per flush.

Another option includes switching to a waterless urinal which uses gravity instead of traditional flushing. With all of these options, you can drastically cut down on water usage while maximizing space and efficiency. Since the price of water isn’t going down anytime soon, you’re also looking at significant savings over the following years!

3- Tankless Water Heaters

Classic water heaters come with a number of problems including long wait times for hot water, wastage, and the possibility that the tank may burst when you least expect it. With tankless water heaters, you can get hot water right when you want it at any moment. Since it doesn’t waste time heating water when you don’t need it, you’ll never have to pay more for your hot baths again! Best of all, there’s no risk of spillage since the water is pulled and heated in real time.


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