4 Reasons Why Store-Bought Liquid Drain Cleaner is Bad for Plumbing

A lot of homeowners utilize hazardous liquid drain cleaning products on a regular basis without fully understanding how bad it is for their residential plumbing system!

drain cleaning repair can be very necessary!

It’s likely that you’ve considered liquid drain cleaners when experiencing a slow drain or any type of recurring clog, and the Beehive Plumbing team is here to tell you that you most certainly should NOT utilize these types of products!

Over-the-counter liquid drain cleaning products end up being much more detrimental to residential plumbing systems than most people would originally assume, and the issues that these products can potentially pose can actually end up costing you a lot more in the long run.

So on this page we’re going over 4 common reasons why liquid drain cleaners should be avoided for the wellbeing of your home’s plumbing system!

Liquid Drain Cleaner Ingredients

The first thing you should know in terms of the detrimental effects of liquid drain cleaners are the actual ingredients within these products that end up being so harmful to residential plumbing systems. What happens is that these drain cleaners will initiate a really harsh chemical reaction within your pipes, and the vast majority of liquid drain cleaners will all have the following harmful chemicals:

  • Sodium nitrate
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Sodium chloride
  • Sodium hypochlorite
  • Aluminum

These ingredients are always very harsh within your pipes, and many times the detrimental effects can be irreversible. The following are 4 common issues posed by these incredibly intense chemicals:

1. Damages To Your Plumbing System

It’s pretty likely that regular use of a liquid drain cleaning product will lead to both external and internal damages to your home’s plumbing system. These chemicals are also known to eat away at plumbing appliance finishes like with your toilets and sinks, and this can take form in things like cracks and expensive replacements.

PVC/plastic pipes are at an even higher risk of damages when liquid drain cleaners are introduced into them, and rather serious complications like pipe corrosion can ensue along with many other plumbing issues. When a pipe bursts within your residential plumbing system, it’s always considered to be a serious emergency plumbing situation!

It’s also important to note that older homes with subsequently older pipes and plumbing systems are also at an increased risk of complications when utilizing liquid drain cleaners, and many times liquid drain cleaners can rather quickly corrode older pipes and instill the need for costly repairs!

2. Killing ‘Good’ Bacteria

It’s well known that liquid drain cleaners will always kill every single living bacteria life form within your pipes and drainage systems, and although this sounds good at first it can actually pose lesser known issues.

This is because there are actually certain ‘good’ bacteria that help plumbing systems and pipes when it comes to breaking down all sorts of harmful organic matter within your drains. When you kill all of the ‘good’ bacteria within your plumbing system, you’ll be presenting a greater likelihood for blockages and other serious clogs to occur later on.

3. Serious Health Risks

Liquid drain cleaners pose many different health risks that homeowners need to be well aware of, including the chances of irritating your eyes, burning your skin and impacting your lungs in detrimental ways. You should also fully understand that it’s not a good idea to mix other cleaning products with your liquid drain cleaners, and that these types of cleaners should never be introduced to standstill water.

It’s very dangerous to have these products potentially splash up onto your clothing or your skin, because any type of direct exposure can actually pose a medical emergency.

This is why our team will always ask you if you’ve used liquid drain cleaners when we come to your home for any type of drain cleaning job, and this is mainly because our team will need to take extra precautions if you have.

4. Always Going To Be A Temporary Fix

It’s true that many liquid drain cleaners will be able to fix a clog or slow drain within your home’s pipes, but it’s likely that you’ll continuously have more clogs and plumbing issues due to consistent use of these types of products.

If you’re experiencing any type of recurring clogs within your drains, then liquid drain cleaners will undoubtedly never be enough in terms of getting to the source of the plumbing issues.

The Beehive Plumbing team offers comprehensive drain cleaning techniques that will always get to the root of your issues once and for all, and some of these techniques include the following:

Pipe Inspection Cameras

One of the first things we’ll always do with our serious drain cleaning jobs is conduct a video inspection in which we’ll send a camera down your drains to get a firsthand look at what you’re experiencing. This type of video footage will give our experts a clear understanding as to what your plumbing system is going through and how we should go about solving the issue for good!

Drain Snakes

Snakes are incredibly useful tools when it comes to drain clogs and blockages because they’ll go deep into your drains to remove any seriously difficult issues that plunging and drain cleaners could never adequately get to!

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is another really useful drain cleaning method that the Beehive Plumbing specialists are very experienced within, and hydro jetting will undoubtedly be a safe and effective way to clean out your drains for good!

Reach Out To The Beehive Plumbing Experts And Have Your Drain Cleaning Done Correctly For The Longevity Of Your Residential Plumbing System!

No matter what type of drain issues your home is experiencing, our Master Plumbers will be able to get to the root of your issues and properly conduct the right types of drain cleaning techniques that will keep the sanctity of your entire plumbing system in mind.

So reach out to us online or call us at 801-661-8155 to get in touch with our team and learn more about how our professional drain cleaning services can support you and your home when you’re experiencing clogs and other issues within your pipes!

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