5 Most Common Pump & Well Problems To Be On The Lookout For!

Many homeowners in Northern Utah have a well, so here are some of the plumbing problems to be on the lookout for!

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The average Northern Utah homeowner benefits a lot from well water, one being that well water doesn’t contain the many chemicals that are commonly found in municipal water sources. Well water also just so happens to be rich in natural, healthy minerals that local water supplies will many times eliminate.

However, it’s incredibly important for homeowners everywhere to remain vigilant when it comes to maintaining the overall functionality of their pump and well water. If you do have a well at your home, then you likely understand some of these common challenges.

Below we’ll be going over five common pump and well problems that homeowners should be on the lookout for!

5 Common Pump & Well Problems That Northern Utah Homeowners Should Be On The Lookout For

The following are some of the most common problems that well owners experience here in Northern Utah:

1. Lack Of Water

It’s always important that you remain calm when you turn on your tap water and nothing comes out. The odds are that your well has not gone dry, because it’s extremely rare for residential wells to ever fully dry up. The odds are that you’re dealing with a tripped circuit breaker that’s directly connected to your well pump.

When you find yourself in this scenario, all you’ll need to do is locate the circuit breaker and turn it back on. It’s also possible that your local water table has fallen to a level that’s below your pump, which would require you to scale back on your overall water consumption for a few days until the table can rise up again. If this type of scenario keeps occurring, then you may need to lower your well pump a bit further.

2. Discolored, Muddy Water

If your home’s water supply is consistently appearing muddy or cloudy, then it’s likely due to your water table sinking. What’s happening is your water pump is extracting water from a shallow area, which makes it more likely for silt and sand to enter your well.

This also could be a warning sign that your well pump isn’t properly filtering out debris, which is a serious issue that you’ll need to address as quickly as possible.

3. Bad Tasting Or Smelly Water

If your well water smells or tastes funny, it could be due to corroded pipes. However, this type of warning sign is more likely due to soil changes and a natural bacteria found within your property’s soil. This type of scenario will require you to call in our Master Plumbers who can conduct a thorough water analysis for you.

We’ll be more than ready to help give you a better idea as to what the quality of your well water is, and if your home needs an improved water filtration system.

4. Faucets Sputtering

If your faucets sputter on a regular basis, then it’s likely that your well water is the source of the problem. It’s possible that air has entered your plumbing system through a crack in a water pipe or broken well pump.

This type of issue is always very serious and will require professional plumbing assistance, which will go a long way towards locating the source of your problem.

5. Unexpected Rises In Water Bills

If you’ve noticed that your utility bills are rising seemingly out of nowhere, then it’s possible that the source of this issue can be traced back towards your pump and well. Water bills will many times rise when a pump’s pressure switch is malfunctioning, because this will force it to run all the time.

To help your home save a lot of money, it’s best to call in a plumbing specialist who can diagnose your issue and let you know why your bills are unexpectedly rising.

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