5 Red Flag Warnings That You May Need A Water Main Replacement

It’s never fun when you need a water main replacement, so here are some warning signs to keep a lookout for!

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The Beehive Plumbing team has helped countless Northern Utah homeowners when it comes to providing a water main replacement, so we’re thoroughly experienced when it comes to these particular types of plumbing repairs.

What we’ve realized over the years is that there consistently are specific signs that a main water line needs to be repaired or replaced, and we’re always helping our clients out by providing some more informative guidance when it comes to preventative due diligence of all types.

This is why we’ve developed the below sections towards helping Utah homeowners when it comes to better recognizing 5 red flag warnings that indicate your need for a water main replacement, and by keeping the following warning signs in mind you can better ensure the overall quality of your incoming water and make sure that it’s not compromised in any way!

1. Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is certainly a rather clear indication for homeowners that they may be experiencing any kind of issues with their main water line, and this is particularly a problem if you notice a rather sudden and significant drop in your home’s water pressure.

Low water pressure could be a sign that your water line has sprung a leak and could potentially need pipe lining or any other kind of repairs, and it’s also possible that this type of warning sign will indicate that your water line has completely failed and will require an extensive replacement.

Clogged drains and other causes of serious sewer line repairs could also result in a sudden drop in your home’s water pressure, so no matter what exactly is going on it’ll be absolutely critical that your reach out to our team immediately!

2. Water Discoloration

The main purpose of your main water line is to provide your property with treated, clean water, which subsequently means that your water supply should always be as clear as possible and colorless.

There are many instances in which Northern Utah homeowners experience an occasional amount of rust within their water supplies, but consistently discolored water is a really serious plumbing problem that you’ll always need to take seriously.

This is a common sign of a severely corroded main water line that’s providing you and your home with contaminated water, so in this instance it’s common to require a water main replacement or thorough repair.

3. You’re Noticing Wet Patches In Your Yard

Northern Utah homeowners frequently notice soggy or wet patches of ground within their yards, and when this issue isn’t posed by a faulty sprinkler system or natural dip within the landscaping, then it’s possible that the wet patches are being caused by a leak within your main water line.

This is really common because a main water leak will result in underground water reaching towards the ground’s surface, which results in puddles and soggy soil that looks as if it’s been raining everyday at your house!

So if you notice any types of unexplainable wet patches of ground on your property, then it’ll be imperative that you reach out to our Master Plumbers as soon as possible!

4. Higher Water Bills

We talk about high water bills as a warning sign a lot within our blog because paying more for monthly utilities is many times when homeowners have their light bulb moment to put them on the right track towards something being wrong within their plumbing system.

In general, homeowners should be able to have a good understanding as to where their water usage is going and why any rise in their bills has occurred. This is why keeping track of your monthly expenses will always go a long way in terms of quickly identifying any sudden, unexplainable spikes in how much you’re paying.

Water bill spikes are many times a warning sign for serious plumbing issues, and one of these common issues just so happens to be main water line damages.

5. Main Water Line Corrosion Signs

Most Northern Utah homeowners don’t think about their property’s soil when it comes to identifying potential plumbing and main water line problems, but it actually always goes a long way to test the pH level of your soil. This is mainly because high pH levels within your soil can potentially develop water line corrosion much faster.

Simply having high pH levels within your soil isn’t necessarily a cause for repairs or replacement of your main water line, but it’s simply a warning sign that homeowners should keep in mind because it’ll indicate that you should be on the lookout for other corrosion signs.

Some common main water line corrosion signs include water discoloration like visible rust within your home’s water supply, as well as the other warning signs we listed above.

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All of the above sections entail important information for Utah homeowners to stay vigilant in terms of preventing plumbing problems, but it goes to show that periodic checkups from the Beehive Plumbing team will always go a long way to help you avoid costly repairs in the future!

So always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 801-661-8155 to get in touch with our team and let us know how we can support you and your home when it comes to taking proper care of your main water line and your entire plumbing system!

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