5 Things To Know About Sewer Line Repairs

Sewer line repairs can be pretty complicated plumbing issues, so here’s a comprehensive overview from the Beehive Plumbing team!

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Northern Utah is full of public sewer lines that play a vital role in our daily lives, but it’s unfortunate how these sewer lines are many times susceptible to breaking down and needing repairs.

If you believe your home or business is in need of sewer line repairs, then it’s crucial that you reach out to our Master Plumbers as quickly as possible to have us come to your property and efficiently get your entire plumbing system back to full functionality.

But one thing we’ve noticed over the past 20 years in the Salt Lake City Metro Area is that a lot of people simply don’t know that much about their sewer lines, so here’s our comprehensive guide to help you better understand your sewer line repair issues and the proper plumbing repairs!

1. Common Causes Associated With Sewer Line Repairs And Damages

The hard truth for home and business owners to understand is that their plumbing infrastructure can be damaged even without any kind of major event, so there ends up being many different ways that sewer lines can incur damages. However, there are a few scenarios that occur more frequently than others.

One common cause for sewer line repairs is pipe cracking due to drastic changes in temperature, which just so happens to occur frequently in Northern Utah. Brutally cold winter temperatures can cause your pipes to quickly become brittle, which can then lead to cracking.

Tree root infiltration is also a common cause for sewer line issues, and this type of scenario is pretty difficult to foresee even when you have an older home with mature trees.

Regular wear and tear also just so happens to be another common cause for sewer line repairs, because even though pipes last a long time they don’t necessarily last forever.

2. Ways To Prevent Damages To Your Sewer Lines

It’s unfortunate how a lot of sewer line repairs are simply out of the control of most property owners and are generally very unpredictable, and prevention methods are always rather difficult simply due to the fact that your sewer lines are buried deep beneath the ground!

However, there are a few prevention methods that anyone can consider to better avoid these types of serious plumbing issues.

The very best thing you can do in terms of sewer line repair prevention is try to keep an eye on them as best as you can, which as we just mentioned is a lot easier said than done! But what you can do is simply know exactly where your sewer lines run throughout your yard and property, which can help you keep an eye out for a whole variety of potential problems.

You can also always count on experienced specialists like us to utilize state-of-the-art plumbing technology like pipe inspection cameras to more thoroughly inspect your sewer lines; and we can also help you when it comes to identifying where your sewer lines run.

If you have an older home, then it also is a good idea to have our team conduct thorough checkups on at least a yearly basis. During these inspections we’ll be able to recommend specific improvements that may be needed, which can ultimately help you save a lot of time and money as compared to needing a replacement later in the future!

3. Your Maintenance Options For Sewer Line Repairs

Regular plumbing maintenance routines can always go a long way in terms of preventing serious plumbing emergencies, and your property’s maintenance routines will of course always be 100% tailored to your specific needs and local area requirements. But no matter what, your plumbing maintenance should always entail the knowledge and experience found within our team of specialists.

Our experts can help you when it comes to conducting a thorough cleaning of your pipes, including the use cutting-edge technologies like hydro jetting.

Another important consideration to keep in mind is simply ensuring that your household is upholding good plumbing habits on a daily basis, including making sure that nothing improper is going down your pipes. This includes common household items like grease and oils within your garbage disposal!

4. Common Warning Signs To Look Out For

Although it’s typically pretty difficult to keep up with your sewer line health, it’s not as hard for home and business owners to spot certain warning signs associated with serious plumbing issues. It’s many times critical to spot sewer line repair issues as soon as possible in order to avoid all sorts of expensive costs, including foundation issues on your property.

One of the most common warning signs associated with sewer line repairs is when your toilets aren’t flushing properly or are frequently being backed up. This type of plumbing issue can of course occur occasionally, but consistent toilet repairs are never good signs for your sewer lines. Consistent issues are also very troublesome when it comes to all sorts of other slow drains throughout your property.

Another serious warning sign is when you notice dark circles on your walls/ceilings, or any kind of foul smell emanating throughout your property. There of course are many different ways that sewer line repair needs will present themselves to you, but no matter what you should call our team to come check things out right away when you notice any sewer line repair warning signs!

5. Understanding The Sewer Line Repair Process

There’s no doubt about it that sewer line repairs are always rather tricky plumbing repairs, which is why you’re always going to need to leave this type of repair project in the hands of experienced experts.

The Beehive Plumbing team will often utilize our state-of-the-art pipe lining technology to repair sewer line issues like cracks and tree root infiltration, and this repair process is on the cutting edge of the industry because trench digging is no longer necessary like it was for so many years.

Although you’ll inevitably have to grapple with a repair vs. replace question, there are plenty of scenarios in which sewer line issues will only need repairs instead of replacements. But when it comes to your bottom line, repairs are always much more affordable.

This is why most home and business owners will always do whatever it takes to repair their sewer lines before succumbing to a replacement!

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