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6 Crucial Fall Plumbing Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Northern Utah Home Safe This Winter!

Northern Utah always has tough winters, so here are some fall plumbing maintenance tips to prepare your home for the upcoming season!

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Fall is an important time for every plumbing system in northern Utah, particularly because this is a crucial part of the year to conduct plumbing maintenance.

As temperatures begin to plummet and the first winter storm cycles start rolling through our region, it’ll be essential to guarantee that all of your pipes, faucets, fixtures, and gutters are in good condition.

All of us at Beehive Plumbing want to help you prevent nightmare scenarios during the middle of the winter this year, so here are some useful maintenance tips to help keep your home safe this winter!

Insulating & Covering Any Exposed Pipes

One of the most common causes for frozen and burst pipes is accidental exposure, and a lot of people in northern Utah hold the false assumption that their garages, crawl spaces, and other enclosed household areas aren’t susceptible to freezing weather.

Trust us, you do not want to deal with bursting pipes this winter, and properly insulating all of your home’s pipes is the best way to prevent this plumbing emergency. Our team provides some of the most cutting-edge insulation kits for our customers, which are meant to handle our extreme freezing temperatures!

Cleaning Out Gutters

Snowfall can be a problem for countless northern Utah homes in the winter, which is why this is the time of year to clear out your downspouts and gutters of leaves, twigs, and other types of debris.

Proper draining is important as we experience our first few snowfalls of the season, because this will better protect your property’s foundation and crawl spaces from accidental flooding.

Draining Your Water Heater Tank

Your home’s water heater is inevitably going to work much harder during the winter months, so you’re going to need to prepare it by flushing out your tank and reducing sediment buildup.

Sediment buildup is a major cause for water heater repairs in northern Utah, because it reduces the appliance’s efficiency, creates corrosion, and ultimately shortens the unit’s functional lifetime.

Our water heater specialists will be sure to get your unit prepped and ready for winter during a seasonal checkup appointment!

Sewer Inspections

Many residential sewage systems get overworked during the winter months in northern Utah, and fall is the perfect seasons to invest in drain cleaning and conduct sewer line repairs if necessary.

Preventative maintenance is crucial for every home’s sewage system, and you can be assured that you won’t require any extensive repairs during the heart of the winter when you have our Master Plumbers check things out this time of year.

Covering & Insulating Outdoor Faucets

When an outdoor faucet experiences direct contact with our intense winter weather, it can potentially damage the faucet—and even other pipes throughout your system.

These types of plumbing damages can lead to interior flooding, as well as other disastrous situations. The good news is that properly covering and insulating your outdoor faucets will ultimately protect them until you’re ready to use them again next spring.

Prepare Your Sump Pump

Sump pumps are vital plumbing components for countless homes in northern Utah, particularly homes up in the mountains and along steep hills. Although snow won’t likely melt until April or May, we all know how dangerous our spring runoff can be after last winter’s record-breaking snowfall.

Getting your home’s sump pump ready in the fall will help you to ensure that it’s ready to rock if/when it’s needed. One of the best ways to guarantee proper sump pump functionality is to invest in a professional inspection from the Beehive Team.

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