6 New Construction Plumbing Trends For Homes & Businesses In 2024

There are many new construction plumbing advancements that you can take advantage of this year!

new construction plumbing is a major part of what we do at Beehive Plumbing in Northern Utah

As home and business owners throughout northern Utah get settled into 2024, the new construction plumbing industry is rapidly evolving to meet changing demands through sustainability initiatives and innovative technologies.

The Beehive Plumbing team is here to help you stay ahead of the curve prior to your next renovation or construction project, and our renowned remodel plumbing specialists are always here to answer your questions and support your eco-friendly solutions.

Here are six new construction plumbing trends that home and business owners should consider throughout 2024!

1. Smart Home Plumbing Systems

Smart home technology has been on the rise throughout the last few years, and in 2024, this smart technology is extending toward both residential and commercial plumbing systems.

Today’s intelligent plumbing systems feature tech-savvy sensors and advanced controls that make it easier on homes and businesses to detect leaks, monitor water usage and adjust water heater temperatures—and a lot more. And what’s even crazier about smart plumbing systems is that all of these adjustments can be easily made through a few clicks on a smartphone app!

So not only will smart home plumbing systems enhance property owner conveniences throughout 2024, but they’ll also help people throughout northern Utah when it comes to reducing water and energy consumption.

2. Water-Efficient Plumbing Appliances & Fixtures

Sustainability has been a huge focus throughout the entire plumbing industry for several years, and 2024 certainly is not an exception when it comes to this industry trend.

Many water-efficient plumbing appliances and fixtures will become more commonplace within new construction projects, including:

  • Smart faucets
  • Low-flow toilets
  • Energy-efficient water heaters
  • And a lot more!

These water-saving innovations are helping properties to dramatically reduce their overall consumption, which in turn lowers monthly utility bills and creates a win-win scenario for the environment and homeowners!

3. Greywater Recycling Systems

Another emerging trend within the plumbing industry is greywater recycling, which is also closely aligned with other water conservation efforts.

This year, it’s expected that more properties will invest in greywater recycling systems. These systems are innovative because they make it possible for homeowners to reuse their sink and shower water for non-potable purposes like lawn irrigation.

Here in northern Utah, water conservation is a huge part of our collective sustainability efforts—and the Beehive team is here to help you foster a more eco-friendly lifestyle at your home or business!

4. Pipe Health Monitoring Technology

Another popular trend throughout the plumbing industry in 2024 is predictive maintenance, and pipe health monitoring is the latest version of this cutting-edge maintenance.

Pipe health monitoring features sensors that help property owners to accurately assess the conditions of their pipes, which subsequently makes it much easier to detect potential repair issues before they end up spiraling out of control.

So even though new construction plumbing systems might not require repairs right away, this monitoring technology can become invaluable in the future as it helps people be more proactive about addressing the concerns of their plumbing systems.

5. Hydrogen Water Heating Systems

Hydrogen water heating systems are another groundbreaking plumbing industry trend that’ll be more widely adopted throughout 2024. These systems utilize hydrogen power to produce the necessary heat to warm up a property’s water supply, which subsequently is a more eco-friendly alternative as compared to conventional water heaters.

Hydrogen water heating systems will undoubtedly go a long way to help properties reduce their carbon footprints, and they’re expected to gain more traction as an energy-efficient, sustainable solution for northern Utah homeowners.

6. 3D-Printed Plumbing Components

3D printing technology has been making waves throughout the plumbing fixture industry, and it’s expected that 3D-printed plumbing components will become more widely available throughout this year.

Even precision-engineered and custom-designed plumbing components can be developed using 3D printing, which ends up creating more functionality and design flexibility. This industry trend won’t just be about aesthetics, because it’ll also streamline the entire manufacturing process and reduce consumer costs.

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Although the plumbing industry is always evolving, there’s a lot for home and business owners to look forward to in 2024 when it comes to innovation, efficiency and sustainability. No matter what type of new construction plumbing project you’re planning, you’re going to need to stay informed about the possibilities associated with these trends in order to make fully informed investments.

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