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7 Adverse Effects That Hard Water Can Pose, And How A Water Softener Installation Can Resolve These Issues!

Hard water can do a lot of damage to your residential plumbing system, and many times a water softener installation can be the perfect fix!

Water Softener Installation in a basement room helping a residential plumbing system

Utah is known for so many different things, but one thing Utah is known for is hard water. A lot of homeowners don’t necessarily realize that they’re experiencing hard water, and even more people don’t quite fully understand how much of a disastrous effect hard water can have on a residential plumbing system.

Our team of experts is well-known for knowing exactly when a water softener installation is necessary for a household, and this is because we’re well-versed with the many adverse effects that hard water can have on a plumbing system.

So here are 7 adverse effects commonly posed by hard water, and below we’ll go over how our team can help with these types of plumbing issues!

1. Mildew, Soap Scum And Water Marks

That filmy, white residue that’s hard to get off your shower door is what is known as soap scum, and it’s generally a common sign of hard water. This is because hard water contains many minerals that will mix together with you soap while you’re showering, and this mixture will make it much harder for your soap to be thoroughly rinsed down your drains.

If soap scum isn’t adequately handled promptly, it can lead to other issues like mildew and mold, as well as other bad odors. This can be especially the case with soap scum found within your sinks, which many times have drainage issues due to hard water.

2. Cloud Spots On Glasses, Dishes And Silverware

Hard water is likely the culprit when you notice consistent cloudy marks on glasses and dishes even after using your dishwasher. Hard water makes it very difficult to have that streak-free shine that most homeowners want with their clean dishes, and this is mainly due to an excess amount of mineral content.

The best way to handle this type of issue with hard water is to utilize a whole-home filtration system.

3. Water Heater Issues

Sediment buildup due to hard water can end up leading to a whole array of water heater issues, particularly an overall lapse in efficiency. Utah homeowners tend to experience sediment buildup much faster than in other parts of the country due to our water supply being abnormally hard, and when it comes to your water heater this can result in the following:

  • Higher monthly utility bills
  • Reduced overall efficiency
  • Reduced water heater capacity

One of the best things you can do to protect your water heater from hard water is to flush out the water heater and completely drain its contents on at least a yearly basis, and our team can help you with this maintenance process!

4. Consistent Plumbing Problems And Repairs

Hard water can do so much more than just result in shower and dish buildup, and it can actually have an extremely detrimental effect on your entire residential plumbing system. Mineral accumulation can severely damage your pipes and even result in serious blockages.

Hard water can even lead to pipe bursts and corrosion, which of course is a plumbing emergency that should always be avoided at all costs. Hard water can also decrease the overall longevity of every single one of your home’s appliances and plumbing fixtures, so you’ll end up needing more replacements in the long haul.

5. Higher Monthly Utility Bills

Your plumbing system is always going to need to work much harder due to the excessive amounts of mineral buildup that result from a hard water supply, which can subsequently lead to much more wear and tear and even higher energy and water bills.

Hard water can also diminish the overall effectiveness of your washing machine, which will then result in you needing to conduct more washing cycles and use much more water.

6. Itchy, Dry Skin

Hard water may be the cause of your itchy, dry skin if you regularly moisturize and can’t seem to resolve this type of skin issue. The excessive mineral content found within hard water doesn’t fully dissolve as well when combined with soaps and all sorts of cleansing products, which then leads to leftover product on your skin and subsequent irritation.

The low pH level of hard water also is detrimental to everyone’s protective skin barrier, and this is because our skin naturally has a relatively high pH level. So a residential water supply with a low pH can end up disturbing the natural order of your skin function, which includes fighting germs and bacteria.

7. Dry, Frizzy Hair

Hard water makes cleaning you hair much more difficult, and any leftover hair product can lead to things like dandruff and very frizzy-looking hair. It’s also common for people with hard water to experience brittle, limp hair as well.

Hard water also fades hair coloring much faster! So if you’re worried about your hair due to hard water, you should always consider getting a showerhead filter at the very least!

Helping Your Household With Hard Water Issues

One of the best ways to fix hard water issues is through installing a filtration system or a water softener. These appliances will always go a very long way when it comes to reducing the overall amount of minerals found within your home’s water supply.

The Beehive Plumbing team specializes in water softener installation and repairs, and the following are factors of the filtration process you should know about:

Particle Filtration

Particle filtration entails the overall removal of particles found within your home’s water supply, and this includes particles like sand, rust and clay. If your property utilizes a well, then this process will help with removing many other types of sediments.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is a great technology when it comes to improving the overall taste and cleanliness of your home’s tap water. This is a five-stage process that will undoubtedly leave your water supply tasting fantastic!


The distillation process entails the overall removal of microorganisms, metals and minerals from your water supply. This process will also kill any potential bacteria and contaminants that could potentially be in your home’s water.

Water Softening (Ion Exchange)

Water softening will always go a very long way when it comes to eliminating the excess amount of calcium ions found within your home’s water supply and then replacing these ions with magnesium ions. Magnesium ions will help soften your home’s water supply in a natural way, without any adverse effects.

This process will lead to much cleaner, healthier drinking water, as well as a water supply that’s better for your plumbing fixtures!

Reach Out To The Beehive Plumbing Team To Learn More About How A Water Softener Installation Can Help Resolve Your Hard Water Issues!

We understand how countless homeowners are just sick and tired of experiencing all of the negative side effects of hard water throughout their property, and we know that our team of experts can provide the long-term solutions that so many people need.

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